F100 Announces New Class for 125cc Parilla Leopard

The Formula 100 Karting Series formed in 2012 as a grassroots karting series designed to provide affordable, competitive and fun motorsport competition for drivers of all ages, budgets and skill levels, beginners to professionals. Since its inception, F100 has experienced rapid and sustained growth and thus far in 2015 F100 SoCal has hosted nearly 150 unique racers during its first 7 rounds of action!

For most of its existence F100 has focused solely on the 100cc engine packages, the HPV/KPV and KT100, as well as some other 100cc piston port engines such as the TKM BT82. In order to promote further growth, The Formula 100 Karting Series is proud to announce a new class, the first F100 class for a 125cc engine! For Senior aged racers looking for more horsepower than the current F100 100cc classes can provide, F100 has developed a new class utilizing the commonly available and affordable Parilla Leopard engine package. This new class will be known as FK125 Leopard Senior.

In an effort to make the Parilla Leopard more affordable, reliable and easier to operate, the FK125 Leopard Senior class incorporates several unique rules. The onboard starting equipment, including the starter and battery, is not mandatory for the FK125 class. The wiring harness may be cut down to do away with wires associated with the onboard starting equipment, if desired. Along with this, a maximum gear size is also utilized to keep rpm’s down, reliability high and costs low. The maximum gear size for all Calspeed events is 75 teeth, and only an 11 tooth engine sprocket is allowed. This means that any gear with 75 teeth or less may be utilized, but no gear with more than 75 teeth may be used. This provides tuning flexibility while still limiting maximum engine rpm. The minimum weight for the FK125 Leopard Senior class is 365 lbs. NKA Trakbook rules will be utilized. These rules are very similar to the rules already used by a vast majority of Leopard racers in the Southern California area.

Some may wonder how F100 can accommodate and include engine packages of a displacement other than 100cc. The answer is simple; F100 is not about fanaticism for a displacement, nor are its ideals beholden to 100cc’s. F100 is about Pure Racing and any engine package that provides fast and affordable racing is of interest to F100. The 100cc engine packages have been and will continue to be the backbone of F100, but F100 is always looking for ways to provide the best racing experience for our racers, regardless of the displacement of the engine. The new FK125 class represents another great way to enjoy kart racing with F100! Dust off your Parilla Leopard and join the fun with F100 and the new FK125 Leopard Senior class!

For more information on the new FK125 Leopard Senior class please visit F100karters.com

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