Recall On Small Batch of Left-Front Van-K Wheels

Van-K Wheels is notifying speedway dirt-oval kart racers who have purchased wheels between July 24 and August 22 of a defect that has been discovered.

The wheel in question is the Pro-Maxx 6 ½” left front. Part No.’s 346.6650.25 (sliver) and 345.6650.25 (black anodized).

A picture attached below to this release should make it clear if you have a defected wheel. The problem is the last ring is too thin.  When looking at the picture, note the sharpness of the last ring on the bad wheel, compared to the ramp on the ring on the good wheel.

If you have one of these wheels, the bead area will likely break when airing the tire to seat the bead during mounting.

The defect was discovered shortly after July 24 – when this batch of wheels was first shipped – and vendors were notified.

We believe there are very few of these wheels in the field; however, if you discover you have one of these wheels, we urge you to not mount it, and call Van-K Wheels at 704-489-9822 or your dealer for a replacement.

We offer our apologies for this recall and any inconvenience it may cause our vendors and racers. We stress that nothing before or after this batch of wheels is suspect, and there are no problems with any other Van-K product. This issue will only enhance the quality control of our products, and Van-K customers can continue to expect the same great product they’ve always known and appreciated!

Van-K Wheels, Inc. is a leading producer of aluminum wheels for the quarter-midget and kart racing industries. Founded as VanK Engineering in 1978 by Mike VanK in Pomona, Calif., the company grew throughout the late ’70s and 1980s to become a leader in aluminum karting wheels.

In 2006, Van-K relocated to Denver, N.C., to be closer to the hotbed of kart racing. In 2010, Brian Bass (with wife, Natalie) purchased the business and renamed it to Van-K Wheels. The line of oval-track and road course kart and quarter-midget wheels has grown in popularity and production since, and Van-K continues to work toward and look forward to a prosperous future.

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