Yunck, Heberle, Clark Fly High in WKA Summit Point Grand Nationals

For the second time this season, Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia played host to the WKA Vega/TS Racing National Road Race Series. However, the impact on events the second time around was a little more intense, as the Woodbridge Kart Club presented the Grand National event, stop #5 of the 6 race national program.

Headlining victory lane were Lance Yunck, Greg Heberle, and Zach Clark, all 2 time Grand National recipients over the weekend. For Yunck, his day started off in The Agile Group sponsored 100cc Controlled class. With a strong field of 21 competitors on hand, Yunck was able to best Scotty Campbell, Zach Clark, Tim Linthicum, and Amanda Halewski for the top honors. Completing the top ten were Scott Stauffer, Michael Tracy, Kent Vaccaro, Al Barnes II, and Lamar Hilliard.

Yunck completed his quest for another eagle, topping Glen Kahler in the 100cc Controlled Spec Final 1. Completing the top five were Jermie Bolt, Zach Clark, and Anthony Vaccaro, with Bill Holder, Nate Morgan, William Morsperger, David Lee, and Simon Whitnell completing the top ten.

With 2 top fives already under his belt for the weekend, Zach Clark made his ascent to the top of the podium twice as well, first taking the 27 kart TaG Final 1 category, besting AJ Ellis, Adam Trumbley, James Sorrentino Jr, and Travis Waddell for the top five, with Eric Stockford, David Clevenger, Zachary Linsell, Stephen Wheatley, and Blake Beattie completing the top 10.

Clark swept the weekend TaG activities, coming back on Sunday to claim the TaG Final 2 race, with Ellis once again coming home second. Completing the top 5 were Stockford, Sorrentino, and Arthur McKenny. Guy Brown, David Clevinger, Andy Leighninger, Zachary Linsell, and Blake Beattie rounded out the top 10.

The Streeter Super Stands Stock Leopard class was loaded for bear with over 36 competitors crowding the paddock for the 2 race weekend. And scoring a 2 race victory was Greg Heberlee, completing the list of multiple Grand National winners for the weekend. Heberlee topped Clark Gaynor Jr, Sean Conlon, Heather Justice, and Louis Magiera for the top 5 with Ian Bushey, Scott Taylor, Walter Troup, David Clevenger, and Zachary Linsell completing the top 10.

Heberlee stormed back on Day 2, again scorching the field for the win, with Gaynor again hot on his heels for the runnerup finish. Bushey, Justice, and Adam Trumbley completed the top 5, while Louis Magiera, Sean Conlon, Robert Wimmer, Travis Waddell, and Jay Ellis brought up the next five in the order.

Travis Miller was one of the many who scored an eagle for the weekend, taking the Millers Dyno Time Racing Formula 100 Final on Sunday. While banking 2 eagles already, Lance Yunck was hungry for another, but had to settle for second, with Jermie Bolt, Zach Clark, and Bill Holder completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Scott Stauffer, Michael Tracy, David Lee, Brent Goodwin, and Nate Morgan.

Also taking a Grand National Eagle was JC Sanders, taking the 100cc Controlled Final 2, besting Michael Tracy, Anthony Vaccaro, William Anderson, and Kent Vaccaro.

Benjamin Eberhart and Brian Fisher snared the Unlimited wins over the weekend, while Josh Lane topped Michael Hines for the Stock Honda top honors on Saturday. And Jermie Bolt, following several top 10 runs, hoisted the eagle with the B Stock victory, topping Adam Trumbley.

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WKA would like to thank the entire staff of the Woodbridge Kart Club for another great season of competition, looking forward to more events in the new year as the 2016 national schedule continues to take shape.

With the Grand National event in the record books, the series turns its attention to their inaugural race, as well as the season finale at the all new NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky October 23-25. Entry Blank info is available right now on the WKA website with the deadline for the first tier entry fees fast approaching, that deadline date being September 25.

The event is a combined weekend of racing between World Karting and the KART/MARS Series with 79 classes of competition available for competitors on that weekend.

To view the weekend entry blank, click here.

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  1. Zach Clark nor did any one else in that list run in Tag Final 1 or 2 and the Stock Leopard Class ran with 12 competitors not 36

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