Controversial Le Cont CIK Prime Tires to Make USA Debut in Major League Karting’s Inaugural at Willow Springs

Major League Karting will use the Le Cont LP11 CIK Prime Tires—perhaps the one of the fastest in the world used in a CIK-sanctioned event, but also durable and reliable—in their American debut in MLK’s inaugural event Oct. 3-4 at Willow Springs International Raceway.

In the three-round KZ/KZ2 European Championship, the KZ2 class on the Le Cont LP11 CIK Prime Tires was faster than the KZ—regarded as the fastest karting class in the world—on Bridgestone Tires.

“In the KZ2/KZ European championship, there was some controversy because the KZ2 class is supposed to be slower class than KZ but KZ2 was faster than the KZ by three to four tenths per lap in every race,” Major League Karting founder Neftali Patino said. “The tires getting all the credit were the Le Cont LP11 CIK Prime used on the KZ2 class. Additionally, in the KFJ European Championship, the drivers where breaking records at some tracks. Even though there were other factors that made KFJ faster, the Le Cont LP11 CIK Prime Tires were one of the contributing factors of this increase of speed.

“We’re using the medium soft compound. We chose the Le Cont LP11 because it is fast and reliable and at $195 for a set of four, it is less expensive than most of the competition. We’ll be using the Le Cont in all of our TaG and Direct Drive classes at Willow Springs with the exception of TaG Cadet, which will run Vega Blue but will move to Le Cont in 2016.”

Major League Karting will be using the DURO tire for the three LO206 classes at Willow Springs.

“We decided to run the DURO Tires because of their durability and affordability,” Patino said.  “This tire will last up to three races.”

The inaugural Major League Karting Shootout will offer an event for novices in three LO206 classes, veterans in three TaG classes and veterans in one Direct Drive class, will be held on the 1-mile Streets of Willow course..

It will be the initial event for Major League Karting, an organization founded by Neftali Patino that will expand into a six-event season in 2016.

Major League Karting, headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., will have TaG Junior, Master and Cadet categories in the Shootout and will offer novice and professional divisions. TaG Junior, DD Senior and Master will have 125cc displacement, Cadet 60cc displacement. The Vortex Direct Drive engine must be purchased from Major League Karting for $2,650 and includes the race entry, tires, fuel, oil and a mechanic’s wristband plus the opportunity to win an exciting award that will be announced soon.

In addition to K1 Speed indoor karting centers, Briggs & Stratton and RLV karting products have become sponsors of Major League Karting. For the Willow Springs event, Lloyd Mack will sponsor TaG Junior, MMK will sponsor TaG Master and Race Lab will sponsor Direct Drive Senior.

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