SKUSA Bulletin: TaG Junior Finishing Order Reversal from SummerNationals

Television footage confirms Lemke win in close finish, SKUSA to add camera at start-finish for future events

The filming of this year’s Fikse Wheels Pro Tour has been incredibly positive in terms of exposure and awareness for both the sport of karting and the Superkarts! USA program.  The two shows that were produced from the recent SKUSA SummerNationals at New Castle Motorsports Park are scheduled for airing this month, with the first events being broadcast last Saturday and Sunday on the CBS Sports Network.  The Greenlight TV cameras that were rolling all weekend in New Castle have also played a major role in the final official results of the event, as video footage from the TaG Junior race on Sunday has provided accurate visual confirmation of the side-by-side ‘photo’ finish between David Malukas and Brandon Lemke.  Using the video provided by the camera crew, it has been confirmed that Lemke beat Malukas to the line, even though the transponders offered a 0.001-second win for Malukas.

SKUSA SummerNationals 2015 logoUpon seeing the footage, Superkarts! USA National Race Director Terry Bybee and President Tom Kutscher discussed the matter, and it was unanimously agreed that the win must be awarded to Lemke based on the new evidence.  Using this particular event as a catalyst for improvement, SKUSA will now implement a Finish Line camera for all future Pro Tour events to provide for video confirmation of finishes of a close nature.

“Our goal is to provide a fair racing experience for all of our drivers, and the video evidence that we were presented with provided clear-cut proof that Brandon Lemke was indeed the winner of the TaG Junior final during the Sunday event at the SummerNationals,” offered Bybee. “We’ll use this experience to improve our program and we’ll be adding a finish line camera at all future events.”

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5 thoughts on “SKUSA Bulletin: TaG Junior Finishing Order Reversal from SummerNationals

  1. So that now opens the door for video to make calls.

    NASA uses this and it works well. I am a fan of it, they also apply points (its a bad thing) and if a driver gets to many points in a season their license will be suspended.

    But now SKUSA has opened the door and now needs to use all video to verify/confirm or even make calls that were not made.

  2. IMO mistake.

    Either cameras or none. If the officials can rely on a camera to make their call at the line, then IMO they should rely on a competitor’s camera to make their call if it clearly shows an infraction.

    Its kind of like having your cake and eating it too…

  3. Why is it not the same?
    How many times has the RD missed the call in the first turn, just as was done at the S/F line?
    Example – P3 drives P1 off the track at the start and then goes on to win the race to make it worse that causes the points to make the P3 driver win the championship over the P1 driver.
    That is a major error because race officials did not make a visual call, like we have seen in the past for numerous times.
    Cameras dont lie, it may take more then one video card to get the right call but its not hard to do. SKUSA racers spend thousands of dollars to compete and deserve to have their video cards looked at if the officials missed a call. Just as they are doing at the S/F line. Why would SKUSA not continue to move forward to ensure the correct finish?

  4. As I mentioned in the post above, In a series that we race against many karters. If there is contact all drivers MUST report to the tower with their video card, no card DQ. It takes about 10 minutes the issue is solved right there on the spot and penalties are issued. I have been called in because I was behind an incident and my card showed everything they needed to make the right card. From what I understand then points are given to drivers and if any drivers get 10 points in 12 months they get suspended. 1 point for just being in the wrong place (but if you are always in the wrong place maybe your are part of the problem) and the official can deem 4,5,6 points to a blatant punt.
    So if a driver has 7 or 8 points going into that last big race I would think he would tone down his/hers aggression, maybe.
    No system is perfect but clearly something needs to change.

    Just my 2 cents

  5. As a long time Timing & Scoring Official for several series I have actually witnessed that transponders react at different rates and one transponder can seem faster than another. I’ve even tested the theory using 20 different transponders and placing four transponders on a kart at a time, all in the same line across the frame (perpendicular to the start/finish) and had four different times…as much as .200 every time a time was recorded.

    So, good call to make video a part of the race officiating!

    My $0.02

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