Three Additional Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals Tickets Granted to Team USA for 2015

USRMC Grand National competitors in Junior, Senior and DD2 added to Team USA

MAXSpeed Group, the sole distributor for Rotax Karting Products in the United States and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce the acquisition of three additional Team USA invitations for the 2015 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF). Working with BRP-Rotax, three podium finishers from the recent Cold Stone United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals will be granted tickets to the coveted RMCGF, known as the ‘Olympics of Karting,’ which is set for November 8-14, 2015 at the International Karting Circuit of Portimao in Algarve, Portugal.

“It is with great pleasure we can announce the three additional tickets for this year’s Grand Finals,” explains MAXSpeed Group President Richard Boisclair. “To honor additional talent in Junior, Senior and DD2 has been a priority for me, and I am glad to include these drivers as a part of Team USA. Our roster is strong heading into the Grand Finals, and I have high hopes for all our drivers to perform well while on the world stage.”

Joining Team USA will be Rotax Junior MAX US third place podium finisher Darren Keane, Rotax Senior MAX third place podium finisher Jake Craig and Rotax DD2 MAX third place podium finisher Nathan Mauel.

Additionally, factory BirelART driver Oliver Askew has officially surrendered his ticket, which will place Christian Brooks on the roster, who currently sits second in the US Open series Rotax Senior MAX point standings.

2015 Team USA Members

Junior MAX: Trenton Estep (current US Open Junior MAX points leader), Anthony Gangi Jr. (2015 US Rotax Junior MAX Champion), Darren Keane (2015 US Rotax Junior MAX third place), Mathias Ramirez-Barrero (2015 Florida Winter Tour Junior MAX Vice-Champion), Sting Ray Robb (2015 Rotax Challenge of the Americas Junior MAX Champion)

Senior MAX: Christian Brooks (current US Open Senior MAX second in points), Jake Craig (2015 US Rotax Senior MAX third place), Kyle Kirkwood (2015 Florida Winter Tour Senior MAX Champion), Luke Selliken (2015 Rotax Challenge of the Americas Senior MAX Champion), Matt Solarczyk (2015 US Rotax Senior MAX Vice-Champion)

DD2 MAX: Nathan Adds (2015 US Rotax DD2 MAX Champion), Sabre Cook (2015 Rotax Challenge of the Americas DD2 MAX Champion), Nathan Mauel (2015 US Rotax DD2 MAX third place), Nick Neri (2015 Florida Winter Tour DD2 MAX Vice-Champion)

DD2 MAX Masters: Paul Bonilla (2015 Rotax Challenge of the Americas Champion), Scott Roberts (2015 US Rotax Masters MAX Champion), Luis Schiavo (2015 US Rotax DD2 Masters MAX Champion), Derek Wang (current US Open Rotax Masters MAX points leader)

“Welcome to our 2015 Team USA Darren, Jake, Nathan and Christian, and congratulations to all our talented drivers,” adds Andy Seesemann, USRMC Director. “Let’s get ready to take on the world and bring another World Championship home to the United States!”

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