EKN Trackside: 2015 Superkarts! USA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour – SummerNationals Sunday Report

Musgrave leads all-American podium in S1 as Rios bags back-to-back in TaG Senior

Billy Musgrave earned his first ever Fikse Wheels Pro Tour S1 victory on Sunday in New Castle (Photo: EKN)

SKUSA SummerNationals 2015 logoAnother amazing day of racing completed the sixth annual Superkarts! USA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour SummerNationals, which was held this year at the popular New Castle Motorsports Park in central Indiana. The clouds may have rolled over the area, but the rain held off until the teams and families were packing up following the podium ceremonies that completed the weekend’s action. Racing intensity picked up for sure, as on the last day of action, the drivers were looking to secure their first taste of the podium or simply post a solid result that would position themselves in the hunt for the championship. Florida-native Jesus Rios Jr. flew the American flag strongly in the TaG Senior category, taking the iKart brand to its second victory of the weekend. California driver Billy Musgrave drove to his first triumph in the S1 Pro division, outgunning a talented field that included a pair of European factory drivers.

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PSL Karting S1 Pro Stock Moto

It was a wild seven-minute qualifying session for the S1 drivers as nearly the entire field was in the hunt for the pole position. Americans Fritz Leesmann (CRG) and Billy Musgrave (Praga) were the drivers swapping the position early in the run, that is, until SpringNationals double winner Rick Dreezen (Ricciardo Kart) jumped to the top of the order with a lap of 1:02.941. That time stood through to the checkered flag and would give him the pole for Heat #1. Leesmann ended up second with Musgrave in third, set to start from the inside of row two. Saturday winner Patrik Hajek (Formula K) was fourth while Kolton Griffin (Tony Kart) found speed overnight to complete the fast-five.

Leesmann grabbed the holeshot to begin the opening heat race as polesitter Dreezen had slipped to fourth by the first corner. Both Musgrave and Hajek drove around the double SpringNationals winner to show their hands. The front-running trio remained in that order, pulling away from Griffin and Ron White (CRG). In the closing laps, Griffin was able to close up on the top four as Dreezen was worked past Hajek. The Czech pilot then began to feel pressure from Griffin as the white flag waved. Leesmann kept Musgrave back for the win, with Dreezen, Hajek and Griffin making up the top-five.

From the outside of row one, Musgrave grabbed the holeshot from Leesmann to begin Heat #2, hinting that he might have the stuff needed to take his first S1 victory. Dreezen and Hajek were unable to match the pace of the top two on the opening lap, and they were back by over a half second as the rest of the field fought for P5. On lap two, Leesmann put the pressure on the younger Musgrave, moving inside for the lead at the I-70 hairpin. The two Americans continued to out-pace the international pair in third and fourth, while Griffin and White closed up on them by the midway point. As they completed lap six, Griffin clocked in the fast lap of the race, moving inside of Dreezen and completing the pass on the Belgian driver. The following lap, it was the same pass on Hajek, with Griffin now into third beginning the final circuit. Out front, Leesmann scored another heat win over Musgrave to set the front row for for the 14-lap final. Griffin held on for third over Hajek and Dreezen with White a close sixth.

As he did in Heat #2, Musgrave was quick off the line and took the holeshot from Leesmann to lead the opening laps of the main event. The two were joined by Griffin and White to make it an American top-four early on. Leesmann stayed with Musgrave for the first five laps until taking over the lead. Showing the way for the first six circuits, Musgrave returned to the point with three laps remaining. He and Fritz were able to get away but their shuffling allowed Griffin to close in toward the end, waiting in the wings for any opportunity possible. As the white flag waved, Leesmann went wide on the exit of turn one, giving Musgrave about five kart lengths. The CRG driver was unable to make up that ground, and Musgrave never made a wrong move in the final corners, reaching the checkered flag for his first ever Fikse Wheels Pro Tour S1 victory. Leesmann settled for second with Griffin in third, making it the first all-American podium since the 2013 SpringNationals in Tucson. 2011 champion Daniel Bray (GP) found the speed at the end of the day as the Kiwi posted the fast lap of the race to work his way up to the fourth position. White was able to demote Hajek and Dreezen to earn the fifth position, helping to tighten the points fight even further.

On the weekend, Musgrave won the $1,000 check for overall weekend winner. Hajek helped his championship run, placing second in the points over the two days, gaining just three markers on Dreezen. White and Leesmann also cashed in, ending the two-day total fourth and fifth. For Dreezen, he will use the Sunday race as his drop, meaning that he will enter the SuperNationals with a record that consists of two wins and a second place result.

Nash Motorsportz TaG Senior

Jesus Rios Jr. doubled up in the TaG Senior category for the iKart team, taking home $1,000 (Photo: EKN)

Jesus Rios Jr. doubled up in the TaG Senior category for the iKart team, taking home $1,000 (Photo: EKN)

Sunday’s qualifying groups began like Saturday did with Franklin Motorsports / Merlin driver Michael Geringer posting fast time in Q2 session. A 1:05.358-lap was nearly identical to his time Saturday. It was quickly demoted by Saturday race winner Jesus Rios Jr. with the iKart driver landing the provisional pole with his first three circuits, roughly two tenths off his time from Saturday. Rios was unable to better his time on the fourth circuit, but Brandon Jarsocrak did with the EKN Driver Rankings #1 pilot taking the provisional pole on his Tony Kart. As the checkered flag waved, Aussie driver Ben Stewart (Arrow) nearly broke the 1:05 mark with a 107 lap to secure the pole position. Oliver Askew (BirelART) moved to P2, dropping Jarsocrak to third with Rios fourth. Defending Fikse Wheels Pro Tour champion Jake Craig (Formula K) completed the fast five. Geringer’s time was good enough for 11th overall, bettering his overall position from yesterday.

Polesitter Stewart and Askew led the field to the green flag for Group A vs. B heat race, as the field was clean through the opening corners. Stewart broke away as Askew fell down the order after dropping a wheel on the opening corner. That allowed Brenden Baker (Tony Kart) and Christian Brooks (Tony Kart) to slide through for second and third, with Askew down to fifth after the opening lap behind Craig. Baker and Brooks worked together to close in and work past Stewart for the lead on lap two. Lap seven, Brooks pulled the trigger and moved into the lead, dropping Baker to second with Stewart lurking as they took the white flag. In the far portion of the track, Stewart took over the second spot, and looked to run down Brooks. It would not be enough as Brooks landed another opening heat win over Stewart and Baker. Askew drove to fourth with Craig into fifth.

The A vs. C heat race collected over 10 drivers in the third corner, mostly from the back half of the field but include Saturday podium finisher AJ Myers (PCR) among other notable names. Rios took over the point with Stewart eventually getting shuffled back to fifth from the pole position as Jarsocrak, Craig and TJ Koyen (Tony Kart). Contact between Koyen and Stewart dropped them to the tail of the field, moving Andre Castro (FA Kart) and Colton Ramsey (Tony Kart) into the top-five. The top three pulled away as Castro and Ramsey led a large group. On the final lap, Jarsocrak tried a move past Rios at the middle hairpin. It failed, and allowed Craig to slip by, pushing Rios back into the lead. Coming to the line, Craig used the sling shot to beat Rios to the line for the win by 33 thousandths of a second. Jarsocrak settled for third with Roger Ralston Jr. (Arrow) into the top five ahead of Ramsey, however, was removed from the results for oil in the clutch drum.

A clean but sketchy start to the B vs. C heat race with Rios getting shuffled back by Askew and Jarsocrak. Before the lap completed, the iKart machine was back to second ahead of Jarsocrak. Mason Marotta (BirelART) ran fourth with Brooks fifth after the opening lap. Lap two, Brooks moved into the third position while Koyen worked by Marotta to put himself back into the top-five. Askew and Rios, the two Florida drivers, hooked up to pull away from Brooks and the rest of the pack, posting consistent fast laps. The group remained static until lap seven when Rios took over the lead with Askew returning as they started the final lap. Coming out of the Fikse hairpin, Askew drove a defensive line and washed out at the I-70 hairpin. Rios took back the lead with Brooks sliding past, as they crossed the line 1-2. Askew finished third with Jarsocrak fourth and Koyen fifth.

With the pole position in hand, Rios controlled the field to the green flag, beginning the 13-lap race. Rios came away with the lead, and gave himself enough of a cushion to allow no challenge the entire distance. The gap remained consistent, with Craig assuming the second spot for the first four circuits until Askew took over the spot. Without making a single mistake, Rios piloted the American-made iKart to its second victory of the weekend, taking home the $1,000 pay day for most points on the weekend. Jarsocrak followed Askew through for third, taking over the second spot just before the white flag waved. The two championship contenders swapped the position, with Jarsocrak reaching the line for the runner-up position. Baker drove to fourth after starting seventh, while Brooks completed the top-five. Craig ended up sixth with local driver Sam Cate (Tony Kart) earning a seventh place spot. Jacob Knueven (PCR) ran to seventh in his return to the seat after nearly a year out of the seat. Austin Elliott (Tony Kart) broke into the top-10, placing ninth while David Ilavia (CompKart) ran 10th in his Senior debut weekend.

The double win performance for Rios put him on top of the weekend podium with the big check, as Jarsocrak cashed in money with the second overall position. Myers earned third with Brooks and McCusker completing the money podium.

Texas ProKart Challenge S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto

Miguel Lopez ran away with his second S2 victory of the weekend (Photo: EKN)

Miguel Lopez ran away with his second S2 victory of the weekend (Photo: EKN)

The first half of the seven-minute session qualifying session was a shuffle for the provisional pole until Miguel Lopez (GP) slotted himself in the top spot. A 1:02.941 was the Saturday’s fast time before he was forced to pull off for a loose rear bumper. The checkered flag waved, and his time stood for the pole position. Kyle Kalish (Merlin) found himself in the same position he finished Saturday, behind Lopez in the second spot. Salvador de Alba (GP) was third in the session with Andrew Bujdoso (PCR) and Kyle Smith (PCR) rounding out the fast five.

Lopez grabbed the holeshot to begin Heat #1 with his GP teammate de Alba slipping into the second spot. The top two pulled away with Kalish leading a large group for third until Bujdoso drove past for the position on lap two. On lap three, de Alba fell down to 13th after an error on course, moving Bujdoso as the lead challenger about two seconds back. Kalish however was able to post his own fast lap of the race, closing and drafting around Bujdoso for the second spot. Andrew fought back, taking the position back, which allowed Smith and Evan Batt aboard the DRT Racing / DR Kart to close in. That fight lasted until the checkered with Lopez pulling off the win by just over four seconds. At the line, Smith scored the runner-up position with Bujdoso holding off Kalish for third and Batt in fifth.

Once again, Lopez was a rocket off the line and got out to a big lead with the rest of the field fighting for the second spot behind them. Bermuda driver Brandon Frank (Praga) was up to second by the end of the opening lap bringing Intrepid driver Bryce Cornet. Smith and Batt slotted in behind. Lopez was fast in his opening two laps, out to a 2.5-second advantage after two laps. Lap five, contact between Cornet and Smith sent the PCR driver around at turn one, ending his race and giving Frank some room in second. That allowed Kalish to move up to third, dropping Cornet to fourth. As the white flag waved, Frank blocked Kalish for the second position. As they exited turn one, Frank slowed and dropped all the way back to 13th at the checkered flag. That gave Lopez a five-second advantage over Kalish. Cornet, Bujdoso and Max Di Bella (Praga) completed the top-five for the main event grid. After the race, Cornet was dropped to finish behind Smith for the contact, moving him to 32nd for the main event grid.

Lopez was able to get the Final holeshot over the large field, this time however they did not let him get away so easily like the heat races. Coming from fourth, Di Bella was at his best all weekend long and placed himself right on the bumper of the GP driver. Di Bella took over the lead a couple times until Lopez secured the position. Kalish worked his way into third, and by lap 11 was in the lead challenger position. Lopez however was able to gap enough in the closing laps to secure his second victory of the weekend, making him a title contender heading into the SuperNationals. The same for Kalish, earning another runner-up result for his second straight podium finish. A late charge by Aluminos driver Hunter Pickett elevated him around Di Bella, with the California driver earning his first ever Fikse Wheels Pro Tour podium. Double SpringNationals winner Carter Williams (FA Kart) had his best result of the weekend, climbing to fifth behind Di Bella.

Lopez took home $500 for his double win weekend with $300 going to Kalish for his two runner-up finishes. The $200 check was earned by Hunter Pickett, recording his best ever weekend on the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour.

Pure Karting S4 Master Stock Moto

An amazing driver by Jimmy McNeil in the Final gave him his second S4 victory on the weekend (Photo: EKN)

An amazing driver by Jimmy McNeil in the Final gave him his second S4 victory on the weekend (Photo: EKN)

Texan Chris Jennings jumped up to the top of the qualifying order quickly, and the DRT Racing / DR Kart driver held the position through the checkered flag with a 1:04.008-lap. Defending champion Gian Cavaciuti (GP) was off by just one hundredth of a second. Saturday winner Jimmy McNeil (CRG) saw his perfect weekend come to an end, posting the third fast time ahead of Jordon Musser (BirelART) and Mario Dominguez (GP).

Jennings grabbed the holeshot to begin the opening heat race for the S4 group. Cavaciuti , McNeil and Elliott. Dominguez, Musser and others were involved in a wreck at turn five, dropping them out of contention. Lap two, Elliott suffered a mechanical issue, with a loose tie rod. He continued to fight strong, reaching down to keep it attached and continuing at the tail of the top-10. That left just three at the front with Cavaciuti and McNeil swapping the second spot with Jennings running out alone at the point for the win. Chris Neria (Tony Kart) won the battle for fourth over Nick Firestone (DR Kart) as Elliott ended up back in 14th. Neria’s result was dismissed for an improper timing plate, thus moving Mark Nagy (Praga) into the fifth position.

The lights went out and Jennings was freaky fast. On the opening circuit, the lead was 1.2-seconds after contact dropped McNeil and Cavaciuti down the order. That put Nagy into second until lap two when he was shuffled back to sixth with Jorge de la Huerat up to second bringing Nick Firestone (DR Kart). Elliott, with the kart in full working order, knifed his way into the second spot by the halfway point. Nothing was easy, as de la Huerta kept the pressure on Elliott with a host of others behind him. In the closing laps, Elliott matched the pace of Jennings to pull away, with the Texas winning again and the former ProMoto Tour star in second. At the line, de la Huerta held off Firestone with Nagy in fifth. Musser, coming from the tail of the field gained a final position to end up sixth in his eight lap charge. McNeil ended up getting back to 11th with Cavaciuti in 19th.

Speaking with McNeil just before the S4 Final, his chassis suffered a crack on the right yoke after reviewing the kart following Heat #2. Instead of throwing in the towel, they welded up the kart to do the best they could. You could not tell anything was wrong with McNeil, as the former champion charged his way through the field like bullet, to score a second victory on the weekend. Jennings, who had led the way throughout the day, was under attack early from SpringNationals double winner Elliott. Jennings slipped back to second for the opening two circuits, before taking back the position on lap three. Behind them, eyes were on McNeil, reaching the top-five by lap four. The following circuit, he was past both Musser and de la Huerta, into the third position. It took just two circuits to bypass Elliott for the second position, and the run to Jennings began. Fast laps allowed McNeil to close up on the bumper of Jennings by the final circuit. Making his move at the I-70 corner, McNeil took the lead from Jennings and held on in the drag race to the checkered by 13 thousandths of a second. For Jennings, it was a bitter-sweet moment, nearly pulling off his first Fikse Wheels Pro Tour victory but earning his first podium finish of the season after not planning to race just a week prior to the event. Elliott held on to finish third ahead of Cavaciuti and Neria. Musser was fighting in the top-five until contact from de la Huerta sent him off course at turn two. A penalty was assessed, but the damage was done with Musser placing 19th and de la Huerta 20th.

Phil Giebler Racing TaG Master

Chris Giumarra landed a second TaG Master victory Sunday to position himself in the title chase (Photo: EKN)

Chris Giumarra landed a second TaG Master victory Sunday to position himself in the title chase (Photo: EKN)

Carrying the momentum from Saturday, Chris Giumarra (PCR) returned to the top of the time sheet with the fast lap in qualifying. A 1:07.121-lap was his best, edging out point leader Nick Tucker (Tony Kart) by six hundredths. Cristian Vomir (FA Kart) improved overnight, ending up third with Vatche Tatikian (FA Kart) and defending champion Ethan Wilson (FA Kart) fourth and fifth.

The field was clean through the opening corners of Heat #1, with the field slotting in order. Anthony Honeywell (Praga) was the driver on the move early, working into the top-five and up to third by the end of lap two. At the same time, Tucker moved to the lead over Giumarra, as the top 10 drivers were all nose to tail. Honeywell was able to close up on the top two, and began putting the pressure on Saturday winner Giumarra. On lap seven, Giumarra slipped bay Tucker for the lead again with Honeywell forcing the issue on Tucker. The two made contact but continued on, losing ground to the leader. That decided the finish, with Guimarra earning the win over Tucker. Tatikian closed up with the fast lap of the race on the final circuit, but came up short at the line to steal the third spot. Wilson won the battle for fifth. Guimarra however lost the win after tech due to oil in the clutch drum.

With Guimarra at the tail of the field, Tucker and Wilson set the pace in Heat #2. The eyes were on Giumarra as he charged his way through the field. Up front, Tucker and Wilson went back and forth until the checkered flag with Wilson edging out for the win by four thousandths of a second. Scot Carapellatti (Formula K) drove up to third with Tatikian holding off Giumarra for fourth.

From the pole position, Wilson was out to a big lead as Tucker was caught sleeping when the lights went out to begin the 12-lap event. Carapellatti followed Wilson through the opening corner to take second, until Tucker recovered the position on lap two. Behind them, Giumarra was up to fourth quickly and then around Carapellatti for third. Lap three, the Saturday winner worked past the two-time SpringNationals winner, and began to run down Wilson. Just two laps and Giumarra was on the bumper of the defending champion, and into the lead on lap six. From there, the pace was too strong as Giumarra landed his second victory of the weekend. Wilson tried to fight off Tucker, but the results ended the same as Saturday with Tucker standing on the P2 step of the podium. Tatikian held off Honeywell for the fourth spot, but Honeywell was penalized for contact with Carapellatti, dropping him down the order. That promoted Mario Barrios (Gillard) to the fifth spot.

Ryan Perry Motorsport S5 Junior Stock Moto

Callum Smith won his fourth feature victory on the season (Photo: EKN)

Callum Smith won his fourth feature victory on the season (Photo: EKN)

The perfect score for Callum Smith came to an end in Round Four qualifying with Hunter Kelly able to steal the fast time in the session. A 1:05.037-lap was his best, edging out fellow Praga driver by over a tenth of a second. David Malukas (CompKart) posted the third fast time, with fellow podium finisher Ryan P. Lewis (Mad-Croc) in fourth. Canadian Evan White (Kosmic) completed the fast five.

It was a great fight for the opening heat race in S5 with four drivers making up the lead pack. Lewis demoted the polesitter early, and he drove away to a 1.4-second advantage with Smith able to outrun Kelly to the line for the second spot. Malukas was a close fourth with White in fifth.

The second heat was a great fight with the top four drivers in the mix. Lewis led the opening circuit until Smith reclaimed the spot. They kept the pressure on, but the fight was for second as Smith scored the win. Kelly earned the runner-up result with Malukas up to third to drop Lewis to fourth with White ending up in the fifth position.

It was another early challenge for Smith with Lewis and Kelly right there with Malukas falling back after not getting off the line clean. Contact however on lap five between Kelly and Lewis dropped them off course and to the back of the field. That promoted Malukas to second, and despite the fast laps of the race, could not close in on Smith as the NorCal driver earned his fourth victory of the season to remain the championship leader going to the SuperNationals. White ended up on the podium in third with Blair Hosie (Intrepid) and Anthony Freese (Praga) earning their best results of the weekend, into the top-five.

Leading Edge Motorsport TaG Junior

A photo finish gave David Malukas his second TaG Junior victory on the season, his first with CompKart (Photo: EKN)

A photo finish gave David Malukas his second TaG Junior victory on the season, his first with CompKart (Photo: EKN)

The top of the order in the TaG Junior qualifying session was anything but static, with a handful of drivers competing for the fast time. Lap after lap, the provisional pole time and driver would change. When the checkered flag came out, Saturday winner Zach Holden earned the pole position with a 1:06.100-lap. Gio Bromante (Merlin) slotted into second with David Malukas (CompKart) coming up to third on his final circuit. That dropped Brandon Lemke (Merlin) down to fourth with Colby DuBato (Tony Kart) completing the fast five.

Bromante was able to get the jump on Holden as the lights went out to begin the opening eight lap heat race. Lemke followed him through, pushing the pole sitter back to third, with the top three getting away quickly as Malukas led the large group for P4. He eventually ran down the leaders, making it a four driver fight for the win. With two laps remaining Malukas and Holden, former teammates now each on different chassis, were 1-2. Lemke tried to break them up but Holden fought strong. Lemke helped to push Holden past Malukas as they took the white flag. Bromante tried to make it happen as well, but he and Malukas made contact dropping them back a few kart lengths. Lemke waited for the run to the checkered flag, using the slingshot to beat Holden to the line by 89 thousandths of a second. Malukas held on for third over Bromante with JP Southern Jr. (Top Kart) winning the battle for fifth.

There was no settling in for the TaG Junior field in the second heat, with the field getting through the opening lap clean, but changes for position corner after corner, lap after lap. Holden led the first circuit before Malukas took over the point. Then it was Anthony Gangi Jr. (Tony Kart) slipping through for his turn in the lead. The lead pack was over 10 drivers still at the halfway point, with Bromante and Lemke fighting their way back into the mix for the win. The Merlin duo put themselves to the lead, and then worked together to get away from the rest of the leaders. Gangi was able to do away with that group by lap six, and was solo trying to chase the top-two. Lemke continued to push the younger teammate until turn 13 when he pulled the trigger, and held off to the line for the win by five hundredths. The group caught back up to Gangi, and contact in the I-70 turn sent Gangi on his head, and dropped Holden out of the top-10, moving Trey Brown (Tony Kart) to fourth with Southern and Canadian Roman DeAngelis (Tony Kart) moving into the top-five.

The two Merlin drivers locked up at the start of the 12-lap Final to get away from the field. Holden was able to get into the third spot and ran them down. As he attempted to break up the duo, Malukas escaped from the field and began to run down the lead three. Once there, they began shuffling more with Malukas right there in the mix. On the final lap, Holden assumed the lead at the first turn, but Lemke went right back to the point with a pass of his own at turn five. Lemke tried to defend going into the I-70 as Holden went for the lead. The Indiana driver went off on the exit, giving Lemke the lead and allowing Malukas to slot into the second spot. As they drag raced down the line, Lemke went inside and Malukas outside. At the stripe, it appeared Lemke had held on, but Malukas was scored first, by a mere one thousandths of a second for his second victory of the season. Lemke settled for second with Bromante earning his first Fikse Wheels Pro Tour podium. Holden recovered for fourth while rookie Jagger Jones (Tony Kart) won the fight for fifth.

TaG Junior was given credit for having 30 drivers registered before the event began, and Superkarts! USA handed out a $1,000 purse. Lemke helped his championship chase by earning the most points on the weekend with his two runner-up finishes, earning $500. Holden was second with $300 and Bromante third to take home $200.

Top Kart USA TaG Cadet

Lachlan DeFrancesco earned his first TaG Cadet victory (Photo: EKN)

Lachlan DeFrancesco earned his first TaG Cadet victory (Photo: EKN)

A few fast drivers found themselves in the Q2 qualifying session after Friday practice. Among them was Lachlan DeFrancesco (Benik), who finished fifth in Saturday’s main event. He posted the provisional pole in the session, and held it to until the end of the Q1 group. Reece Gold (Benik) laid a flyer at the checkered flag to earn the fast time with a 1:13.509-lap. Saturday fast driver Connor Ferris (Top Kart) was second with Ugo Ugochukwu (Tony Kart) third. Tyler Maxson (Benik) was fourth with DeFrancesco’s time ending up fifth.

Gold and Ferris led the field to the green flag for the Group A vs. B heat race. Four drivers were able to get away on the opening circuit with Gold, Saturday runner-up Jonny Edgar (Benik), Ferris and Maxson. A wreck on lap three involving Jak Crawford near the outside of the track brought out a full course caution, slowing the field down to a crawl. The green flag was brought back out with two laps remaining. Gold and Edgar broke away on the final circuit, and the two went side by side in the final corners. That allowed four others to close up at the checkered flag with Edgar scoring the win over Gold with Maxson, DeFrancesco, Ferris and Diego LaRoque (Benik) all within half a second at the line.

Making up the front row for the Group A vs. C flight were top qualifier Gold and Ugochukwu. The field was clean through the opening lap as Gold led Edgar, Ugo Ryan Schartau (Tony Kart) and Maxson. Schartau was the early charger, getting into the third position with Edgar taking over the lead at the same time. The top three got away from Ugo as he was under attack from a number of drivers. Edgar led the rest of the way over Gold and Schartau. Sam Mayer (Merlin) drove up to fourth to drop Maxson to fifth. Mayer however was removed for oil in his clutch drum, hurting his chance at a solid start in the main event.

Another great start by the Cadet group in the B vs. C heat, with Ferris leading Ugochukwu in the early laps. By the end, DeFrancesco, Crawford and Calvo reeled the top two in. Ugo led as the white flag waved and they battle heated up, going three wide into five and three wide over the back hill. This allowed even more drivers to join the chase to the checkered flag. At the line, DeFrancesco scored the win by 24 thousandths with Calvo second. Crawford finished third with Schartau and Ferris making up the top-five. Contact dropped Ugo to 21st with LaRoque following to 17th.

The main event was a Benik battle as Edgar and DeFrancesco broke away from the field for the eight lap main event. Starting on the inside lane, Edgar on the pole, Defrancesco third, the two broke away from the field and shuffled for the victory. Edgar led as they received the white flag, with DeFrancesco able to get around for the lead, and the win. It is the first Fikse Wheels Pro Tour victory for the Florida driver, with Edgar placing on the podium for a second time on the weekend. A massive group behind them fought for the final few positions with Calvo earning the final step on the podium ahead of Gold and two-time winner Welage.

Edgar’s two runner-up results landed him on top of the money podium, taking home $500. The two winners Welage and DeFrancesco took the second and third steps respectively, with $300 and $200.

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