TXS Productions Enters the Karting World with Koene USA’s Payton Durrant

Utah based company supports and sponsors up and coming athletes

TXS Productions (TXSProductions.com), a Utah based company that provides sponsorship and support to up and coming athletes, has inked a deal with Rotax Mini Max competitor, race winner and Team Koene USA driver Payton Durrant. Owned and operated by Tom Smith, TXS Productions provides the support needed for BMX, motocross and motorsports as well as bodybuilding and more.

“I am really excited to announce my partnership with TXS Productions,” explained Payton Durrant while competing this weekend at the Rotax Summer Shootout in Kershaw, South Carolina. “I have been at the front all season long in the US Open and Rotax Challenge of the Americas programs and had some great results. I look forward to continuing that success, but now with the support of TXS.”

“After doing some research on Payton and seeing the potential and dedication of this up and coming racer, we want to be part of his exciting journey,” explained Tom Smith, Owner of TXS Productions. “He is a young talent that can go far in the world of motorsports and we look to be part of his quest to the top. We are in the business to allow the athletes the possibility to accomplish their dreams.”

TXS Productions was founded in the small town of Moapa Valley, Utah in 2003. The company is a free network for the development of athletes and artists providing everything from gear to promotions in the athletes’ respected industries. Understanding that these potential stars give up a lot in the quest to become a professional, TXS Productions will look to make the steps along the way easier for athletes like Payton.

“We look for both local and out of state talent and help to produce and promote these upcoming artists or athletes through a selection process for free,” added Smith “We are the first company in the world to provide this service at no cost to you. So, basically, whatever you are good at…we want to help you get noticed and reach that next level.”

TXS Productions’ focus is to help the underprivileged or any other athletes that have a dream and want to accomplish it. Using the social networks including (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus), TXS is able to facilitate promotions and marketing.

For more information on Payton Durrant, Payton Durrant Racing or his exciting new partnership with TXS Productions, please contact Donny Durrant at 801.367.4463 or via e-mail to durrantd@msn.com. For more information on TXS Productions, please visit them online at www.TXSProductions.com

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