Eastern Super Divisional This Weekend in Pittsburgh

The eastern swing for the WKA Super Divisional Program gets underway in full force this weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania. As a combined effort between the Great Lakes Sprint Series and New Jersey Sprint Series, the Eastern Super Divisional, which also serves as Race #2 for the New Jersey Sprint Series, will offer 100 national transfer points to the Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series.

Classes offered this weekend include Kid Kart, Yamaha Rookie, Yamaha Sportsman, TaG Sportsman, Yamaha Junior, TaG Junior, PRD Junior, Yamaha Senior, PRD Senior, TaG Senior Lite, TaG Heavy, and Open Shifter.

In order for competitors to receive the 100 bonus points, they must register and pay for entry into a Final 1 and Final 2, take a complete green, and pass tech.

Temporary WKA Memberships will be available to purchase at the track. Event Pass for the weekend will be $35.

Competitors will have a full day of practice on Friday before hitting the track for finals on both Saturday and Sunday.

Special thanks to Grand Products, Bridgestone, and Alpine Restyle for their sponsorship efforts for the event.

For more information on the Eastern Super Divisional, go to www.njsprintseries.com

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