Go-Kart Driver Search Program Ready to Launch

Canadian Karters Given Opportunity to Drive Race Car in Europe

A national grassroots go-kart program for the Canadian karting community is set to get underway this week.  The Richert Racing Driver Search is providing an opportunity for a deserving kart racer to complete a test session for a professional race team in Europe with the current Formula Renault 2.0 race car.

Interested kart racers are invited to continue registering at www.richertracingdriversearch.com even beyond the official start date of May 28th as there are several monthly and “creativity award” prizes up for grabs throughout the year as well.

The Richert Racing Driver Search was developed to help give Canadian kart racers an opportunity to make the difficult transition from kart racing into formula cars, not only from a driving standpoint, but also from the all important business standpoint.  The program is even open to those kart racers who would simply love the experience of driving a formula car in Europe and are not focused on pursuing a racing career.

“I realized early in my racing career that auto racing is a business first and foremost and that one of the main factors of determining whether or not you advance your career comes down to your financial situation.  I think the Richert Racing Driver Search not only provides a major direct tangible reward, but it will also provide all participants with the opportunity to start building the ground floor of the business side of what they’re doing. And at the end of the day, that is what will ultimately determine whether they succeed in racing or not.” – David Richert

Please visit www.richertracingdriversearch.com for more details and to register for the program.

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