Top 10 Karting Tools – presented by Acceleration Kart Racing

The worst time to realize that you are missing that one critical tool is when you are at the track. Acceleration Kart Racing has developed a list of the top 10 great karting tools that will make your day at the race track go smoother.

AKR-Piston StopPiston Stop

This tool threads into your spark plug hole and acts as a stop for the piston, which prevents the engine from turning over, used mostly for flywheel/clutch removal. The Piston Stop works on most kart engines, with plastic construction aimed at not damaging the treads on your engine.


AKR-Chain BreakerChain Breaker

When changing the gearing on your kart, it usually requires a chain adjustment as well. The Chain Breaker tool makes chain length adjustment fast and easy.

Various Prices for #35 to #219 tools

AKR-Axle Removal ToolAxle Removal Tool

The Axle Removal Tool is designed to aid in removing axles. With an aluminum head, it will not deform the end of the axle. The head is interchangeable so you can quickly switch between different size axles for those working on more than one kart.


AKR-Chain AlignmentChain Aligner

Proper chain alignment is critical. An improperly aligned chain can generate excessive wear on your drive gear and rear sprocket. It also creates drag, which translates to loss of horsepower and slower lap times. The Chain Aligner solves that issue.

From $28.50 to $64.00

AKR-Bead BreakerTire Bead Breaker

First step to changing your tires is to break the bead. The Tire Bead Breaker is fully adjustable for 5” and 6” wheels up to 10” wide. This RLV Tire Bead Breaker has a gold cadmium finish.


AKR-Drill Guid-Wire PliersSafety Wire Pliers / Drill Guide

Safety wire is a must have while at the track. Going through tech inspection and missing a clip or told that you need one in a bolt with no hole can be a nightmare. Make installing it quick and easy with the Safety Wire Pliers and Drill Guide. The Drill Guide help to put that hole in a bolt, with the Safety Wire Pliers helping to make your safety wire look clean and secure.

$29.95 to $47.95

AKR-Universal Clutch PullerUniversal Clutch Puller

The new PKT Universal Clutch Puller tool removes the clutch from the crankshaft, and will work with many kart engines. This tool is constructed of steel and has a steel ball at the end of the main bolt to protect the crankshaft. It works with Rotax, Comer C50/K80/S60, IAME Parilla Leopard, and several ICC engines.


AKR-Seat Mounting ToolSeat Mounting Tool

The mounting of your seat is one of the most important set up tools that a karter can use. Mounting the seat can also be the most frustrating procedure as well. Make it easier with the use of the Seat Mounting Tool. The longer bar adjusts against your frame rails so the bottom of the seat has a resting point. The shorter bar rests on top of the axle to allow angle adjustment.


AKR-Sniper V2Sniper V2

The ultimate front end laser alignment system is Sniper. This tool enables you to quickly and easily set the camber and toe on your kart. Whether changing your set up between races or making sure that gnarly bump in the track hasn’t upset your alignment, the Sniper V2 is the tool to have. The units locates onto any spindle size between 16mm-35mm via a magnetized V-block.


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