Karting Community United Charity Formed

Founder Jen Durrant and KCU to help the karting family in times of tragedy or hardship

With her love of helping people and the entire karting community, Jen Durrant has put forth a major effort to kick off a karting charity, Karting Community United (KCU). Focused on fundraising efforts to help members of the karting community in time of tragedy or hardship, Karting Community United will officially kick off May 16th during the first round of the US Open at the Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mills, Texas.

“I have always wanted to do a charity to help out the people of our sport,” explained Jen Durrant. “Getting people on board was the easy part as we quickly made a few phone calls to gauge the interest. MAXSpeed’s Richard Boisclair was on board from day one and within six hours of contacting him, we had set out a plan, contacted someone for a website and made a list of possible members for the Board of Directors. Without his help and the support of several others within the karting community, this would not have been possible.”

Now, four months after that initial phone call, Karting Community United is in the final stages of securing official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status and will be launching Saturday, May 16th at the US Open. With a huge MAXSpeed Entertainment cookout planned for that evening along with a host of other entertainment, company officials from the Dallas Karting Complex have graciously donated the use of their rental karts for KCU to host a ‘Rookie Race.’ With a ten-lap race for parents, mechanics, brothers, sisters or anyone else on the property, the registration cost is $100.00 per driver with all the proceeds going directly to Karting Community United.

Durrant continued, “The ‘Rookie Race’ in the rental karts will be fun. Richard (Boisclair) has already registered and is accepting challenges from anyone in the paddock!”

“When I got the email from Jen, I don’t think I even read the whole thing before I was on the phone with her,” explained Richard Boisclair. “We saw eye-to-eye on the purpose of KCU. Jen is a passionate person with a big heart and this foundation will help our karting community in need. I am very happy to support Jen and her initiative. We will help start the fund and give a $5,000 check on behalf of MAXSpeed Entertainment and the racers, as $5/per entry will go directly to KCU. For people’s amusement, I will take part in the first ‘Rookie Race’ and take on any dads or tuners who have never been a racer. I’m looking forward to the kick-off at the Dallas Karting Complex.”

Karting Community United will not act as a sponsorship program, but as a charity that will help the members of the sport of karting through tragedy and hardship. Funds may be used to help with hospital bills or whatever is needed to help a fellow member of the karting community. A small group of people have been appointed Board of Directors and will make the final decisions on where the money goes and how it gets spent.

Durrant added, “We will need to spend some time doing some fundraising but I know with all of the wonderful and generous people of the sport, it shouldn’t be long before we can start to help the people that need it.”

The Karting Community United Board of Directors include: Jen Durrant, Andy Seesemann, Alan Rudolph, Maddie Egger and Mike and Elena Maurini.

With a new charity comes the task of a new website and social media platforms. With Facebook and Instagram (@KartingCommunityUnited) accounts already established, the Karting Community United website is under development and will be complete within the coming weeks. The KCU website will include a nomination form for families that need a little extra help as well as section where you can sign up to be a volunteer or provide suggestions of fundraising events and venues.

For more information on Karting Community United, please contact Jen Durrant at Jen@KartingCommunityUnited.org.

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