Briggs & Stratton ‘PZ 22’ Carburetor Visual Updates

Over the past three years Briggs & Stratton Racing has taken on the project of retooling the PZ 22 carburetor used on the Animal, 206, and M-series platforms.  “In updating and isolating our tooling for our exclusive use, it will enable the continued consistency that is the cornerstone of our program.  These updates have been occurring over the past 3 years, piece by piece, to give racers a seamless progression” stated David Klaus Director-Briggs Racing.  “From floats to gaskets to jets our replacement service parts have been in field use for almost 3 years in some cases.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity we have made some visual updates for easier identification.  The Briggs and Stratton diamond logo has been placed on the main carburetor body along with our production die part number ‘590890’.  The ‘choke’ is called out on the choke lever verses the universal symbol (which I never understood).  We have gone away from engraving our jets and needles to laser etching to make them easier to read.  To do this, the location of the numbering was moved to the side of each jet, the needle remaining in the same location.  We have also seen choke covers loosen up over time so we are using a red epoxy in addition to crimping the choke cover plate.

Beyond the visual updates the carburetor specifications and tech remain unchanged.

We have added 100% wet flow auditing of each PZ 22 carburetor used in our race program.  “We are not aware of any other manufacture in our sport doing this because the time and effort involved economically does not make sense.  To us, it makes perfect sense.”

David Klaus – Director, Briggs and Stratton Racing

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