WKA Extends Thanks To All Manufacturers Cup Competitors

On behalf of WKA President John Ferris, the WKA Board of Trustees, Office Staff, and Race Officials, a huge Thank You goes out to all competitors, crewmembers, Moms and Dads, Sponsors, as well as the management of Go Pro Motorplex, for helping to pull together on a mainly rain soaked weekend and make this past weekends IAME USA Nationals for the Bridgestone/Mazda Manufacturers a great success in many ways!!!

The rain greeted competitors on Thursday for Parking Day, thus making everyone aware that Mother Nature was going to play a huge part in the weekends activities. However, thanks to joint efforts by Dan Kraus of Go Pro Motorplex, as well as the WKA organization, parking, pre entry pickup, and tech, started well before their published times on Thursday, primarily in an effort to accommodate competitors in the midst of unpleasant weather circumstances.

With a bleak weather outlook on Sunday, the WKA organization assembled key race officials, members of the Mfg Cup Competition Committee, as well as many families in the pit area early Saturday morning, notifying them of their intentions for a revised program, allowing everyone to be a part of the decision making process, again letting the pit area know their input is greatly valued and appreciated. The results of the meeting were then expressed in the Drivers Meeting, which was met with great approval.

The end result of those discussions, given the occasional torrential downpours on Sunday, turned out to be a success, as drivers still were afforded the opportunity to run their pre finals AND finals, thus putting smiles on faces of competitors, strong in the knowledge that the WKA organization cares very deeply for their membership, and will continue to involve them in the decision making process in all areas moving forward.

While a recap of the weekends activities will be forthcoming, don’t forget the next event for the Bridgestone/Mazda Manufacturers Cup Series will be a return to Briggs and Stratton Raceway Park in Dousman, Wisconsin May 29-31 for the Spring Nationals. Pre Entry information for the event is now available online.

To view the Briggs and Stratton Raceway Park Entry Blank, click here.

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3 thoughts on “WKA Extends Thanks To All Manufacturers Cup Competitors

  1. We had a lot of fun at this event. It was our first time to a national event and one of the first times we ever ran in the rain. I tried to calculate how much everything was going to cost to see if we could afford to run a national event and which one we should try USPKS or WKA? We decided on WKA for a couple of reasons 1) we are used to running the WKA Sr. Pipe were USPKS runs the can 2) we are used to the Bridgestone tires after running them the last two years were USPKS runs MG’s. This is why we picked WKA over USPKS. That being said these national events are very costly so we took that into account as well. Which leads me to one thing that I just didn’t understand when we got to the entrance they(WKA NOT GOPRO) charged us $70. $35. each to get in the gate for the weekend, So I said no you don’t understand my daughter is racing this weekend and I already paid her $215. entrance fee to which she replied NO you don’t understand if you want to get though the gate you need a band and there $35. each. I realize that the weekend almost cost me $1000. dollars so what’s another $35. but shouldn’t the entry into the facility be included into the entrance race fee? Why didn’t you just say its $250. to race? It left a bad taste I would have much rather paid $250. to race rather then $215. to race and $35. to get in, this left me feeling like I was being gouged!! Next year we will try USPKS.

    • Not sure what track is your home, but any traveling series typically does not include the pit pass costs with entry costs. It also makes things easier for the organization to charge you for the pit pass when you get to the gate, rather than when you send in your entry through the mail. Most of the time, you either need to add another pit pass, or get a refund.

  2. My home track is the GoPro Motorplex and they used to charge a entrance fee and when you got to the gate you would pay for anybody that was not on the list to race. This year they raised the entrance fee and let anyone get in for free, which I like even better. Like I said it was our first national event so I really did not know what to expect and I guess that just caught me off guard. But as I earlier we had a great time and learned a lot from the national exposure to great racers. When I said next year we will try USPKS I meant that just as we will try the other national race that comes to town to get a different exposure as I cant afford to do both especially on back to back weekends with no recoup time in between races. Honestly I would really like to se SKUSA come to GoPro because I think it would be the biggest event of the three IMO. Thanks for your comment David its good to know they all do that. Like I said it just caught me off guard as it was not something I expected or was used too.

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