2015 ROK Cup USA Series Kicks Off in Ocala with a Bang

The first race of the 2015 ROK Cup USA series proved to be one that kicks the series off with a bang and sets an exciting, highly competitive pace for the season.

The three-day race event officially began on Friday morning with warm-ups for each class. The day on Friday was well-spent allowing drivers in each class to take the track for practice and prepare for the two-day race weekend at the Ocala Gran Prix.

The race schedule for Saturday consisted of timed qualifying followed by two heat races. The day kicked off with practices for each class and a mandatory driver’s meeting. The ROK Vortex engines provided racing equality amongst all classes. The competition showed through from very early on in the morning and continued throughout the weekend with intense driving strategy evident on the track.

After a vigorous day of racing, ROK Cup USA celebrated the drivers and attendees with a lunch party in style. With great food brought in for each driver and attendee, the day concluded with lunch and many family activities such as a jumbo sized water slide, dunk tank and team soccer tournament game. It was a party fit for kids of all ages.

Sunday’s racing continued bright and early with morning practice, one heat, and a pre-final and final round by class. The double-checkered flag for each class was declared with the launch of fireworks, as the drivers crossed the finish line. Treating each class podium winners as champions, the first, second and third position for each class were awarded trophies hand made and imported from Italy and beautiful red, white and blue flower bouquet decorations. Each driver earning the top spot in their class was also crowned like a true champion with a floral leaf head crown to celebrate their victory.

With a 0.501 Gap between the number one and number two spot in the final, the Micro ROK class proved to be exciting as the youngest class finished the first race in the 2015 series. Showing their strength and racing potential, each young driver came ready to leave it all on the track. First place in Micro ROK was awarded to number 48, James Egozi. Jeremy Fletcher took second place and Lucas Rodriguez walked away awarded third place.

The large Mini ROK class with 24 drivers was won by American driver, Reece Gold. Battling for the finish line, brothers Alessandro and Anthony finishing second and third accordingly. This class showed their athleticism and endurance as they completed 25 laps during the final heat.

The ROK GP Junior class had a great turn out. With a gap of 0.196, Anthony Gangi walked away with the top spot on the podium at the end of the weekend. Mathias Ramirez followed behind Gangi for first place and Enzo Fittipaldi was awarded third.

With a sweep, the team at Ocala Gran Prix took the top three spots in the ROK GP Senior class. Walking away with first place, number 328 Kyle Kirkwood pushed away from the pack with a 1.216 gap between him and second place driver, Morgan Healey. Alex Sullivan walked away with third place for his class.

Gonzalo Aponte, pulling a 37.943 best lap during the finals, won the ROK GP Master class. Ud Ransey came away with second place followed by Gabriel Urrutia in third position.

The ROK Shifter Senior class showed extremely competitive, with each driver battling to take the podium. Austin Garrison walked away with first position but not followed too long after Brazilian driver, Victor Franzoni. Columbian driver, Andres Cebellas, took the third position.

In the ROK Shifter Masters, racer Tom Hankinson dominated the finals and class of 14. Jayson Nazario earned second-place and Jacob Guilheme was awarded third in their class.

Don’t miss the exciting action as we continue the road to the ROK Cup International Finals in Italy. The next race event in the 2015 ROK Cup USA series kicks off May 23-24 at Homestead Karting, in Homestead, Florida.

For more information, please visit www.ROKCupUSA.com or email usa@rokcup.com.

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