Florida Karting Championship Series Confirms Tire and Championship Rules


I know a lot of people are wondering about tires this year. 

Well, it could not be simpler;

The Spec Tire is the Vega FH (Blue) for all classes, except for the shifter classes, which will have the option of the Vega FH (Blue) or the Vega XM (White).

The Vega FH gives excellent grip with durability that has not been seen in the US for years. Consistent lap times through multiple heat cycles are what make the Vega FH such a great value.

The spec rain tire will be the Vega W5. The design of the tread, the construction of the carcass and the compound have proved to be able to guarantee SAFETY and FUN for the driver who races in any possible wet track conditions: from damp tracks to heavy rain.

You may purchase your tires from any Vega Dealer. Each event day (Saturday and Sunday) will use one set of tires all day. The tires will be marked after qualifying at the scales and must be used the rest of the day. Example: Qualifying, heat, and final.

Since Sunday is a new day, this starts all over again. New or used tires can be used the entire day.


2015 Awards

At FKCS we are not only looking to award the Class winners at the end of the year but now we are looking to celebrate the OVERALL WEEKEND WINNERS!

Overall weekend winners in Kid Karts, Cadets and Juniors will receive trophies, while all the adult classes will receive FKCS dollars to use at their favorite kart vendor.

Did I say trophies? I mean the kind of trophies kids go crazy over.

” Big Tall Trophies starting at 3 feet tall!”

2015 Points System

I have been asked to explain the 2015 FKCS Points System in simple terms.  HERE WE GO…

The 2015 Season consists of 10 separately scored races over 5 Race weekends. For anyone that is math challenged, that’s 2 races per weekend. Each racer will have 2 drops for the season. That means we will use the racers best 8 finishes in the finals, using the standard WKA points system to calculate the Series Point Champions. This is the same system we have always used. These points will be posted on the web site.

Daily winners, as always, will be the finishing order of each daily final.


The Board of Directors spent a lot of time coming up with a points system that would keep all the racers on Saturday still in the hunt on Sunday for the Weekend Championships. Here’s how we did it.

There will be 2 ways a driver can earn points each day.

First, the fastest qualifier will receive 1 bonus point.

Second, all drivers will receive points based on their finishing position in the final.

The points given in the final will be based on the number of racers in the final. The winner of the final will receive 1 bonus point.

Here is an example of one day’s points using the finishing order with 7 racers in the final. The second day would use the same formula with the Saturday total added to the Sunday total for the overall weekend winner.

Finishing Position Kart








1 11 8 8
2 17 Yes 6 7
3 151 5 5
4 86 4 4
5 44 3 3
6 19 2 2
7 007 1 1


Any ties will revert back to the finishing order in the Sunday final.

This system is only used to determine Weekend Champions.

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