2015 Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship Created

A group of veteran karters and racing enthusiasts will be hosting an eight race karting series (with two drops) based at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey. Competitors will run at least four different track configurations throughout the Championship and Mid-Atlantic Championship Series members will gain not only points towards Championship Awards, but also “punches” for US Rotax Nationals, and eligibility for the ROK Cup USA Finals!!

Dates are as follow:

May 24 (Sunday)
June7 (Sunday)
July 11 (Saturday)
July12 (Sunday)
August 22 (Saturday)
August 23 (Sunday)
September 6 (Sunday)
October 11 (Sunday)

*We will run the Tempest track at least twice (July 12 and August 22)

The Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship operations team includes but is not excluded to:

John Bonanno: Media and Communications
Jeff Clyde: Driver Representative and Advocate
Bobby Radivoy: Race Director
Adam Pettit: Chief Advisor
Chris McGinley: Advisor
Tim Hannen: Steward
Salvo Sparacio: Judge of Fact

The Championship is simply devoted to those drivers who want a professionally operated, family-based atmosphere, safe and regulated racing, as well as a rewarding driving experience. Driver representative Jeff Clyde enthused, “I’ve been told I’m a good mediator most of my life. The Driver Representative position is a great fit for me and ALL of the drivers in the championship – you’ll get a fair shake with me on the job!” Expect Jeff to be your go-to-guy when you need help.

The WKA registered and insured Championship program will include at least the following classes:

  • Kid Kart (strictly following WKA guidelines)
  • Micro Max
  • Micro/Mini Rok
  • Mini Max
  • Junior Max
  • Senior Max
  • Masters Max
  • Open 125 (TaG) Jr/Sr/Masters (MG Yellow or harder tires)
  • 125 Shifter
  • All karters are welcome. If you come out and meet the safety requirements, we will find a place for you to race.

John Bonanno, an avid supporter of karting in the region as well as a formidable opponent on the track stated, “The racing community in the Mid-Atlantic states is in a tremendously healthy position as the drivers, tracks, and race event management are all poised to reap the benefits of working together – It’s an exciting time! We look forward to seeing EVERYONE at the track!  I’m personally very much looking forward to getting back into the seat this season! Everyone should know we are launching this exciting new series for you, the driver. It’s up to you to make it successful by being there.”

Look for more information and details in the coming weeks. Find information at the NJ Karting Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/njkarting), Mid-Atlantic Karting Championship website (http://midatlantickartingchampionship.org), New Jersey Motorsports Park website (http://www.njmp.com), Oakland Valley Race Park website (http://www.ovrp.net/), or contact John Bonanno (jfbonanno@gmail.com / 856-217-2019) or Tim Hannen (Tim@ovrp.net / 860-318-1177).

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