4-Cycle Spring Showdown Set for March 27-28 at PKRA

Unique format featuring six different layouts in 12-hour day scheduled for Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility

4-Cycle racing continues to grow at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA) in Glendale, Arizona. The last two seasons, a group of racers put together a year-end ‘Super Showdown’ that welcomed racers from all over the country. Their ambition and passion for grassroots racing continues, as they are looking to open up the 2015 season with another unique event – the 4-Cycle Spring Showdown.

Scheduled for March 27-28, the event will feature racers sampling six different configurations toward deciding the winner in the six categories. Friday is a full day of practice, split up into two sessions. The morning session and an evening session, running each configuration once. Race day is set for a 12-hour endurance marathon of man and machine. Each category will hit the track once every hour. One session of practice for each race group, and then one heat race. Multiple that six times for the six different configurations, and you have the Spring Showdown.

Phoenix Kart Racing Association track layouts

Phoenix Kart Racing Association track layouts

A total of six classes are on the current roster for the Spring Showdown. The PKRA popular World Formula engine has four categories – Medium, Heavy, Masters, and Junior – with the growing LO206 engine reserved for Senior and Cadet divisions.

Points will be awarded for each of the six races, with the final results deciding the event winners in each class. The first heat grid is based on the order of registration, with the lineups to be on total points as the event proceeds. Officials are asking competitors to sign up now, and send in their input on which of the possible 9 configurations they wish to select toward the 6 that will be used. Those that register before March 1 will have their opinion included.

To secure your spot at the 4-Cycle Spring Showdown, visit showdownracingllc.com or email showdownracing@cox.net

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