EKN Constructors Championship – 2014 Final Standings

Tony Kart earns fourth straight season in #1 spot - CRG and Top Kart complete podium

It was a busy and exciting 2014 for karting in North America. From January to November, drivers, teams and shops were busy with racing from coast to coast, at the track nearly every weekend during the summer months, and closed out the season as the colors changed over to fall season. Many are spending the month of December, preparing for the upcoming 2015, hitting the track in the warmer south for the winter programs before summer rolls around once again.

Tony Kart logoThroughout the year, one common was seen at the kart track…Tony Kart up front. In all but one event of the EKN CC program, Tony Kart scored points. The stalwart OTK brand best four major series in 2014, while placing second in USPKS and WKA action. Fourty-eight percent of Tony Kart points came from the three weekends that made up the Pro Tour. With the weighted system to even out the possible points across the country by region and event prestige, Tony Kart took full advantage. Jake Craig, Nick Neri, Olvier Askew, Christian Brooks were some of the drivers earning victories and podium results on the season.

Second for 2014 is the former three-time EKN CC winner CRG. From 2006 to 2008 when the standings were focused solely on the Stars of Karting program, CRG shined. The work done by factory drivers Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Davide Fore at the SKUSA Pro Tour certainly helped the brand, along with the success of the DD2 chassis at the Florida Winter Tour.

Top Kart had a phenomenal season in the single-speed categories. Their Junior roster, including SKUSA Pro Tour and United States Pro Kart champion David Malukas, USPKS two-time Yamaha title winner Zach Holden, and other gave Top Kart the number one slot in USPKS and WKA EKN CC standings. That helped to put the #RollBlue into third for the entire 2014 season.

A second OTK brand finished inside the top-five, with Kosmic holding fourth. Teams like Rolison Performance Group, earning the Senior and Junior Max COTA titles for a second straight season, helped put the Kosmic brand toward the top all season. Austin Versteeg won both the Rotax Challenge of the Americas title and Pan American Challenge victory aboard a RPG Kosmic, and is moving on to IMSA Prototype Lites for 2015.

Rounding out the top-five is Birel. 2014 marks the end to an era for the Italian manufacturer, combining with the ART GP brand to form BirelART. Not many Birel karts were seen at the national level across the country, but those aboard the familiar red frame did well, including those with 3G Kart Racing, MRP Motorsport, and other race teams and shops. The last chassis to win the EKN CC standings before Tony Kart was Arrow. Since winning in 2010, Arrow has remained at the forefront of the chassis race in the United States, thanks primarily to KartSport North America.

Seventh place goes to Intrepid, as the brand continues to rebuild after moving to new facilities in Italy. The finish product continues to be quality, earning a SuperNationals victory with S2 driver Jarred Campbell while Canadian Zachary Claman-Demelo, UK pilot Ed Brand, factory driver Arnaud Kozlinski, and double class champion Luis Schiavo gave it solid results at the Florida Winter Tour.

FA Kart is the third OTK brand inside the top-10, placing eighth for 2014. KartSport North America pilots helped the brand earn points in the east, while Phil Giebler Racing supported drivers out in west. Ninth is GP. Earning the third highest total on the SKUSA Pro Tour, the brand was very successful in shifterkart racing for 2014. Factory driver Gian Cavaciuti won in Vegas, locking up the S4 Master title while Mexican driver Raul Guzman was triumphant in S5 under the GP Texas USA banner. Sodi Kart completes the top-10 for 2014, riding on the solid program put in by their drivers on the SKUSA Pro Tour. Louie Pagano was the vice-champion in TaG Senior, with S2 driver Nathan Adds along with S5 Pro Tour champion Trenton Estep boasting the results of the Dallas Karting Complex outfit.

Inside the Numbers:

Number of brands scoring points in all 23 events (Tony Kart scored in all but Rock Island Grand Prix)

Number of brands over 100 mark

Total number of brands scoring points

Highest event point total of the season – Tony Kart (SKUSA Pro Tour SpringNationals)

Margin from first to second

By The Series:

SKUSA had the most diverse chassis results, with 24 different brands scoring points in 2014. WKA (16), USPKS (13), Florida Winter Tour (12), Challenge of the Americas (9), Rotax (7). The miscellanous category had 21 different brands.

Florida Winter Tour
1. Tony Kart
2. Intrepid
3. CRG

Rotax Challenge of the Americas
1. Tony Kart
2. Kosmic
3. Birel

United States Pro Kart Series
1. Top Kart
2. Tony Kart
3. PCR

WKA Manufacturers Cup Series
1. Top Kart
2. Tony Kart
3. Merlin

Misc. (Rock Island Grand Prix, Streets of Lancaster, etc.)
1. Margay
2. CRG
3. Tony Kart

Rotax (Grand Nationals and Pan American Challenge)
1. Tony Kart
2. Kosmic
3. Birel

SKUSA Pro Tour
1. Tony Kart
2. CRG
3. GP

EKN Constructors Championship Guidelines
The EKN Constructors Championship calculation process includes the top-five finishers in each recognized class (Senior-Master-Junior classes). The SKUSA Pro Tour, US Rotax Grand Nationals, and Pan American Challenge will earn points with the following structure; 1st=20 points, 2nd=16 points, 3rd=12 points, 4th=8 points, 5th=4 points. The remaining events will continue to be awarded with the previous ranking system; with first place earning five (5) points down to fifth place earning one (1) point for each category. There is a minimum of 10 starting entries for the class points to be counted toward the season total in the EKN CC standings.

EKN Constructors Championship – 2014 Final Standings
1,1,Tony Kart,1321,159,103,85,114,36,188,636
3,2,Top Kart,460,4,0,107,265,0,0,84
8,8,FA Kart,161,22,7,50,15,7,8,52
10,10,Sodi Kart,111,5,12,0,0,6,0,88
16,19,DR Kart,59,0,0,0,1,18,0,40
18,18,ART GP,47,0,17,9,0,13,0,8
30,27,AM Racing,3,3,0,0,0,0,0,0
33,30,Swiss Hutless,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0

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