Class Weights and Tyres Announced for 2015 Australian Kart Championship

Karting Australia have confirmed the minimum weights and selected tyres for the classes being contested in the 2015 Australian Kart Championship.

With more than 400 pre-registrations already having been received, the excitement is building for the new-look Championship that begins in Melbourne on April 3-5, 2015.

The five-round Championship will see eight classes vying for National honours.

In the underage divisions, drivers will be competing in the KA12, KA Junior and the elite KF3 class using the Vortex Mini Rok, IAME KA100 Reedjet and Vortex KF3 engines respectively.

Senior competitors will have the selection of five classes – three Karting Australia specific and two based in the international CIK classes.  The Karting Australia classes are KA1, KA TAG and X30 with the CIK classes being KF3, KF2 and KZ2.

The selected tyres and class weights are as follows

Class Slick Tyre Wet Tyre Minimum Weight
KA12 Dunlop DFH Dunlop KT14W13 112kg
KA Junior Dunlop DFH Dunlop KT14W13 132kg
KF3 MG AZ (Red/White) MG WZ (White) 145kg
X30 MG FZ-Prime (Yellow) MG WZ (White) 170kg
KA1 Dunlop DFM Dunlop KT14W13 155kg
KA TaG Dunlop SL6 Dunlop KT13
Dunlop KT14W13
MG WZ (White)
Mojo W2
X30 – 165kg
PRD Fireball – 165kg
IAME X30 – 165kg
SQ Cheetah – 165kg
Rotax MAX – 170kg
PRD Galaxy – 170kg
KF2 MG FZ-Prime (Yellow) MG WZ (White) 163kg
KZ2 MG FZ-Prime (Yellow) MG WZ (White) 175kg

All pre-registered drivers are required to complete a registration form as can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Championship Regulations can be found by clicking here.

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