2015 Briggs & Stratton 206 Rules Released

The official 2015 Briggs & Stratton 206 Rule Set is now available online at www.BriggsRacing.com.  “If you have the first-ever 206 engine we built in the Fall of 2008 you can win a Championship just as you can with the engine we have yet to build” stated David Klaus, Director – Briggs & Stratton Racing.  “Combining the simplicity of out of the box competitive racing with the long-term stability and reliability of an engine engineered for racing defines what the 206 program is all about.   Our interest as racers, as a company in racing is to bring stability and promote great racing, not stoke rule changes or designed obsolescence to drive sales.”

For 2015 rule set we continue to clarify and build from the initial rule set we first released in 2009.  That means better explanations, additional tech options tracks are successfully using, and a few adjustments to reflect manufacturing tolerances that are .005” from current pin gage call-outs.  The only ‘significant’ change, we are mandating the use of the 808656 fuel pump that ships with every engine.  “We are just seeing too many issues from racers using pumps outside the design of the carburetor that can be prevented.  In addition, our racers told us they wanted to move the pump around so this has been addressed without going over the top.”

Briggs LO206 Rule Set 2015

Briggs LO206 Tool Reference

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