Red Line Oil Karting Championship Title Winners Crowned

RLOKC Sponsors provided $20,000 in awards!



The RLOKC awards dinner was once again an event to be remembered. The eleven Champions received their accolades and prize packages in front of a large group of supporters and family members. This year the RLOKC series sponsors contributions were at an all time high with all the recipients taking home significant awards.

Newly announced RLOKC 2015 series Chief Race Steward Kris Shaw handled the Master of Ceremonies duties for the evening.

One of the highlights of the evening was the announcement of the winners of the “Perpetual Trophies” for their outstanding achievements in this highly competitive season.  The winners were: “Junior Driver of the Year” Michael Michoff, “Senior Driver of the Year” Daniel De La Calle, “Masters Driver of the Year” Charles Hastings and “Rising Star” Colin Mullan.  Crowd favorite Diego Valverdez took home the “Mechanic of the Year” honors.

This year the highly valued Racecar driving awards included; an FS2.0 racecar test with WorldSpeed Motorsports, that was awarded to Pro Honda 125 Champion Daniel De La Calle. A F1600 racecar test from Lynx Racing went to Zach Pettinicchi for his Senior Rotax Championship and Masters Honda 125 Champion Rene Martinelli secured a test with Shawn Thomas Racing in a Sprint car.

All series Champions received GoPro Cameras and Cambrian Karting gift certificates. Other awards included, Sony Playstations, Nintendo XLD3s, Molecule products, GoPro Cameras, Leatt Brace, Honda HPD gift certificates, Hoosier Jackets, RLOKC race entries, SimRaceway practice days, Tom Dyer Coaching certificates, Rotax Memberships, Mojo tires, Fausta wines, RLOKC practice days and more!

RLOKC would like to thank all of our series sponsors for their generosity and continued support, we proudly recognize the following: Red Line Oil, GoPro, Sanzaru Games, Hoosier, Molecule, ZERO Motorcycles, Honda HPD, Cambrian Karting, Rotax Max,  SimRaceway, WorldSpeed Motorsports, Shawn Thomas Racing, Lynx Racing,,  Wine Country Motorsports, Aluminos,  Fausta Winery, Muscle Milk,

Sanzaru Games NorCal Rotax Challenge:



Rotax Mini Max:

Colin Mullan: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Play Station PS4
Clayton Williams: Molecule Product package, Nintendo XL3DS
Dustin Salaverria: 4 RLOKC race entries, GoPro Hero3
Matteo Sandoval: 4 RLOKC Saturday practice, Rotax Max membership
Aidan O’Neill: 4 RLOKC Sat Practice days

Rotax DD2 Masters:

Dave Palic: GoPro Hero3, Cambrian gift certificate

Rotax DD2 Senior:

Andrew Colombini: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Leatt Brace

Rotax Junior:

Michael Michoff: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate
Enzo Prevost: Molecule Product package, Tom Dyer Coaching, GoPro Hero3
Mason Cohen: SimRaceway Practice card, Mojo D1 tires set



Rotax Senior:

Zach Pettinicchi: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Lynx Racing F1600 racecar test
Pablo Carballedo: Molecule product package, GoPro Hero3, 4 RLOKC practice days
Davin Foster: 4 RLOKC race entries

Rotax Micro:

Garrette Randolph Jr.: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Play Station PS4
Grant Langon: Molecule product package, Nintendo XL3DS
Gino Sandoval: SimRaceway Practice Card, GoPro Hero3
Owen McAllister: 4 RLOKC Saturday Practice, Rotax Membership
Calista Randolph: Tom Dyer Coaching

Rotax Masters:

Scott Ripslinger: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Fausta Winery Reserve Cabernet
John Breidinger: Molecule product package, 4 RLOKC race entries
Kelly Heil: 4 RLOKC Saturday practice

Molecule Karting Championship presented by Hoosier tires.

Honda 80 Masters:

Charles Hastings: Go Pro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Hoosier Champions Jacket
Roger Cornwall: Honda parts Certificate, GoPro Hero3
Geoff Provo: 4 RLOKC race entries




Richard Hilleman: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift certificate, Hoosier Champions Jacket
Marcos Ramirez: Molecule product package, GoPro Hero3
Matt Cresci: 4 RLOKC race entries

Honda Masters 125:

Rene Martinelli: GoPro4, Cambrian gift certificate, Sprint car test, Hoosier Champions Jacket
David Arnstein: Molecule product package, Honda parts certificate, 4 RLOKC race entries
Nick Major: 4 RLOKC race entries

Honda Pro 125:

Daniel De La Calle: GoPro Hero4, Cambrian gift Certificate, Hoosier Champions Jacket
Cabot Bigham: Molecule product package, Honda cert, GoPro Hero3
Hunter Picket: 4 race entries

Jim Russell Racing Perpetual Trophy:



Junior Driver of the year: Michael Michoff, RLOKC full season entry.

Masters Driver of the year: Charles Hastings, RLOKC full season entry.

Senior Driver of year: Daniel De La Calle, World Speed Motorsports FS2 test

Rising Star: Colin Mullan, RLOKC full season entry

Cameron Karting Mechanic Of The Year Perpetual Trophy: Diego Valverdez, GoPro Hero3

EKN Global Members Discussion: