d’Orlando Racing: Enjoy the Highs – and Leverage the Lows

Every truly talented driver, from those on the first step of the motorsport ladder to its very top, will experience very high highs and really low lows. Not just race to race. Even a single race weekend can be a yo-yo of emotions, successes and failures experienced within hours, even minutes, of each other.

But good racers learn from the highs and lows. Good racers become better precisely because they’ve been taken out or made a mistake or failed in their judgment.

Good racers take advantage, because they’re smart enough to learn what it takes to become the best…

The Bros. d’Orlando, Michael and Nicholas, were just in Las Vegas competing in Superkarts! USA SuperNationals, part of the ProTour Championship, racing in the TaG Cadet division. In Michael’s case, a title was on the line for the championship as he was sitting second in points. A podium result would give him the TaG Cadet championship, based on points earned in the three events: SpringNationals, SummerNationals and SuperNationals. For Nick (a year younger that Michael), sitting 5th in the championship, was hoping to compete with his brother for the championship also knowing that having a good weekend would set the stage for a 2015 TAG Cadet title run.

In the Heats, Michael put it all together: He finished fourth in the first of three, then won the second and third heats. He would be on pole for the Final. Safe to say, in the high-profile, high-pressure atmosphere of the SuperNats, those are some pretty good highs.

Same for Nick: Three top-five results (second, fourth and fifth) in the Heats were nothing to shake a stick at.

But (you knew there was a “but” coming), with the highs came the lows.

In the Final, both Michael and Nick failed to finish.

Shuffled back to fourth at the start, Michael ended up in a frantic fight, dicing with last year’s winner Leonardo Marseglia. Michael thought they should work together to catch the three-pack up front, but for some reason, Marseglia wanted no part of it. On lap 9 Michael went wide in Turn 2 and was taken out by Marseglia. Tough lesson learned for a 12 year old: Competitors may be friendly in the paddock, but no one has friends on the track.

Nick’s race was even shorter. He had gridded fourth and in the aftermath of the franticness of lap one/turn one, he found himself in fifth place and in the hunt. But lap three told the tale.”I made a little mistake in my line in T6. I couldn’t recover and hit the wall,” Nick said. “There is no room for any mistakes. That’s my takeaway from this.”

For 2015, Michael is off to TaG Junior while Nicholas is a TaG Cadet championship favorite, so leaving Las Vegas, Michael and Nicholas d’Orlando will do what you expect two young, talented, smart and very driven drivers to do. Take the good with the bad, then leverage the experience gained by the lows to get better still.

Michael, Nicholas and d’Orlando Racing Corp., Inc. (DRC) would like to give a special thanks to Lane Office (laneoffice.com), Integrity Consulting Group (icgpm.net) and Oakland Valley Race Park (ovrp.net) for their support. Also, a special Thanks to Koene Engines, Race Tech Development, and Team Koene USA’s Mike Maurini and Martijn Koene as well as DRC’s Adam Johnson for their continued hard work and support.

For more information on Michael or Nicholas d’Orlando, please visit www.dorlandoracing.com. Be sure to follow Michael and Nicholas on Facebook (Michael d’Orlando Racing or Nicholas d’Orlando Racing), Twitter (@dorlandoracing) and Instagram (@dorlandoracing) to stay up to date on news, information, photos and results.

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