New WKA Manufacturers Cup Format to Kick Off at Daytona Kartweek Margay Sprint Championships

The pre-entry form for the December 27-30, 2014 Margay Sprint Championships at the Daytona International Speedway Sprint Track is now posted on

Click HERE to download the Margay Sprint Championships entry blank.

This year’s WKA Sprint Championships will kick off the 2015 Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series in style with the all-new, exciting format for WKA’s national 2-cycle sprint series.

Following load-in (parking) day Saturday, December 27, Sunday will feature a full day of practice for the 12 classes included in the 2015 Man. Cup Series class structure.

One morning round of practice will kick off Monday’s program, and then things will get interesting. A qualifying round will set the starting lineups for two big heat races Monday afternoon. Both heat race’s starting lineups will be based off qualifying; for example, if you qualify third, you will start third in both heat races.

After the conclusion of Monday’s heats, the CIK, or “moto-cross” points system will be calculated to determine the starting lineup for Tuesday’s pre-final. The driver with the lowest points total will start pole for the pre-final, with the driver with second-lowest points total on outside pole, and so on. Zero points are awarded for a heat race win, second place gets two (2) points, third place gets three (3) points, and so on. Again, lowest points total is pole for prefinal.

The action will heat up Tuesday, December 30, which marks the last day of Daytona KartWeek. One more round of practice will be offered for all classes before pre-finals will commence. The pre-final finish will set the starting lineup for Tuesday afternoon’s big main events. The winner of the main event will be declared each class’s WKA Sprint Championships winner, meaning a maximum of only 12 drivers will leave this year’s Sprint Championships as a main-event winner with new and improved weekend awards.


This year’s Manufacturers Cup Series features 12 national points classes – nine traditional “trophy” divisions and three big Pro money classes.

Trophy classes will be $240.00 per class, which includes practice day fee, and these divisions are Kid Kart, Comer Rookie, Yamaha Rookie, Yamaha Sportsman, Komet Sportsman, X30 Senior, Yamaha Senior Pipe and the new WKA Stock Moto.

Two classes – Pro TaG Sportsman and Pro Parilla Junior – will be $290.00 per class (includes practice day) with the extra $50 going toward the purse. Beginning at Daytona and throughout the 2015 Man. Cup season, Pro TaG Sportsman and Pro Parilla Junior will pay $500 to the winner, $250 to second and a set of Bridgestone tires to third.

Pro Leopard Senior will serve as the Man. Cup Series’ headline division in 2015. Pro Leopard Senior will be $315.00 to pre-enter (includes practice day) with $1,000 going to the winner, $500 to second and a set of Bridgestone tires to third.

Some important notes to remember…
–       Pro Parilla Junior is open to X30 AND Leopard engines with no weight break.
–       X30 Senior is open to X30 engine ONLY.
–       Pro Leopard Senior is open to Leopard engine ONLY.
–       Pro TaG Sportsman is open to Mini Rok engine ONLY.
–       WKA Stock Moto is open to 125cc Stock Honda shifter engines ONLY.
–       Comer Rookie is Comer K80 engine and class abides by same age rules, driver requirements as Yamaha Rookie.


The Man. Cup Series’ new format brings a new points system that should provide the series with close championship battles throughout the 2015 season.

Pre-final races will pay points. Each pre-final winner will earn 200 points plus the number of entries. Second place earns 175 plus the number of entries, third place earns 155 plus number of entries, and so on. This is the same points system that WKA has used for decades.

The available points for Final races will be even greater. The same WKA points system will be used, however, rather than 200 points plus the number of entries, the final winner will earn 200 points plus DOUBLE the amount of entries. Second place in the final will earn 175 plus DOUBLE the amount of entries, and so on.

In addition, a five-point bonus will go to day one’s Pole winner, and a five-point bonus will go to the driver who turns the fastest lap time in each class’s final.

The thought process behind awarding points in the pre-final is that if a driver dominates a weekend but runs into bad luck in the final, he/she will still earn points via the pre-final and still has an opportunity to earn 10 bonus points throughout the weekend. In other words, a terrific weekend turned bad in the main event will still garner that driver a fair amount of points toward the championship.


Dates for the 2015 Manufacturers Cup Series will be released this week. Tracks will be announced either this week or next week (week of Nov. 10).

Mail completed entry forms to WKA at 6051 Victory Lane; Concord, NC 28027; scan to or fax to 704-455-1609.

Direct questions to WKA at 704-455-1606.

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