4-Cycle Super Showdown Set for This Weekend in Phoenix

Second annual gathering at PKRA facility for World Formula and LO 206 racers

This weekend marks the second annual 4-Cycle Super Showdown presented by Briggs & Stratton at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility in Glendale, Arizona.  For the past 11 months, 4-cycle racers all around the country have been waiting for this weekend to come for a chance to esacep to the desert on Halloween weekend to ‘throwdown’. With the recent boom in 4-cycle based racing around North America, there is a demand for such a unique event. Stemming from a round table discussion with the group of promoters, looking to create an event like no other. The braintrust at Showdown Racing LLC, working with PKRA, Briggs & Stratton, IKF, and many others, formed the event to provide a special weekend of racing, brotherhood, and FUN!

4-Cycle Super Showdown logoThis year, the event has drawn racers from all over the United States to compete in the 4-cycle classes over the two day event.  With 90 laps of competition, inverted starts, progressively longer heats and a cumulative points structure, the race is unlike any other promoted in North America. A great time is set for the weekend with a long list of drivers that stem from local club champions, national champions in TaG, Rotax, and shifter competition, and drivers who have been in the sport for a short time. A true mix of what the sport of karting has to offer in terms of experience and skill.

With over $5000 in cash prizes up for grabs racing will exciting and close.  Other prizes range from chains and sprockets, to sets of tires and complete Briggs & Stratton engines for some of the winners of the five categories set to compete – LO206 Cadet (14 entries), LO206 Senior (5 entries), World Formula Junior (2 entries), World Formula Medium (20 entries), and World Formula Heavy (14 entries).

It is not too late to get out to Arizona to join in on the fun at the second annual 4-Cycle Super Showdown presented by Briggs & Stratton. For more information got to www.super-showdown.com.

Here is a taste of the racing that will be going on at PKRA this weekend

World Formula Medium

No. Driver
3 Jeremy Ellison
4 Noah Fleming
0 Eric Nelson
16 Allen Yates
10 Alan Michel
4 Bryan Quattrocchi
19 Jim McKinney
4 Fred wilcoxon
51 Josh Sarchet
28 DJ Quint
73 Micah Hendricks
377 Phil De La O
392 Chris Patterson
40 Curtis Ruth
10 Jeremiah Davis
14 Sean Conyers
21 Robert Miller
63 Rob Ambrose
60 Pete Pittman
195  Bryan Lemon

World Formula Heavy
No. Driver
0 Eric Nelson
95 Carl Spears
20 Robert Brooks
37 Dennis Uebersetzig
75 Richard Cordova
0 Brian Odello
99 Roger Culver
84 Helmar Beregszaszy
7 Paul Lemaire
41 Dan Conyers
76 Jim Wooldridge
62 Sean Kisselbach
2 Chris Rhein
58  Keith Sears

LO206 Senior
No. Driver
47 Bernie Lacotta
73 Cindy Lacotta
42 James Cobarruvias
92 Billy Lowery
62 Sean Kisselbach

World Formula Junior
No. Driver
9 Tyler Wells
Haydn Kaminsky

Briggs LO206 Cadet
No. Driver
5 Cayden Spring
8 Toby Longenecker
10 Josiah Hendricks
56 Diego LaRoque
52 Tyler Ruth
188 Austin Torgerson
2 Ashton Torgerson
72 A.J. Hernandez
44 Vicki Weisman
78 Tim Trostel III
14 Macy williams
22 Kevin Boland
177 Liam Letzsch

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  1. Race results coming soon from the fantastic weekend in Phoenix.

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