Vortex Introduces New Rok Micro and Rok DVS Engines at International Cup Final

The Rok Cup International Final is the most prestigious event of the Vortex championship, taking place at the South Garda Karting facility in Lonato, Italy. At the end of the today’s schedule, the fastest world’s Rokkers, that is the daily pole position drivers, will be awarded; at the end the ceremony. During that time, the Rok DVS and the Micro Rok will be introduced on the track for an unavoidable preview, with new KZ World Champion Marco Ardigò and runner-up Flavio Camponeschi.

Below is a specific description of the new powerplants from Vortex

As always the Rok Cup looks ahead and once again gives us an engine that looks to the future, and races directly into it. The newcomer in the Rok family is called DVS; it is direct drive (no clutch), lightweight, powerful and reliable. The Rok DVS gives indescribable and unique driving sensations, pushing the limits of fun and challenge higher and higher. Only one major manufacturer, with many years of experience and as successful as Vortex, is able to achieve such a project. The DVS does not require any special effort to be started, in fact, it is a simple direct drive 125cc engine and with a gentle push, you squeeze the decompression valve on the cylinder head and you are done! The kart moves forward and the DVS engine is ready to enter the track. This starting system, combined with other technical solutions, such as the water pump, keeps the DVS true to the philosophy that has made the success of the Rok Cup; ease of management and ease of use. 

  • Single-cylinder 2 stroke direct-drive engine
  • Read valve intake in the crankcase
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Bore and stroke 54 x 54mm
  • Iron made cylinder and exhaust valve
  • 5 / 3 transfer ducts system
  • Oval exhaust with 2 boosters
  • L Segment
  • 38 Hp at 11.000 rpm
  • Max 16.000 rpm
  • Selettra analogic ignition
  • External pump liquid cooled system
  • Ibea carburettor
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Push-to-start system with decompression valve
  • Centrifugal dry clutch
  • Exhaust system with intake silencer

Small, very small indeed. Lots of fun and safe to drive. These are the highlights of Micro Rok, designed to meet the wide audience of the young drivers who wish to become true Rokkers. Beautiful as few other two-stroke racing engines are, the Micro is built with the renowned quality standards of all multi award winning and World Championship winning engines. Every detail is well finished and such a compact engine has never seen such qualities until now. So much attention to detail comes alive with the pleasant sound of the Micro when even the inexperienced Rokker steps on the gas and the Rok Micro slips away like an arrow. It has an adequate yet appropriate performance level according to the age of drivers to whom it is aimed (6 years and older). Micro is the size of this engine, Micro is the cost of maintenance but Macro is the fun that this member of the Rok family provides.

  • Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine
  • Piston port intake
  • Diplacement 50cc
  • Iron made cilynder
  • 2 transfer ducts intake
  • L segment
  • 4.5 Hp at 10.000 rpm
  • Max 13.000 rpm
  • Selettra Analogic ignition
  • Free air cooling system
  • Centrifugal dry-clutch
  • Fuel pump and Dell’Orto PHBN 14  Ø 14 mm carburettor
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Integrated electric starter
  • Optional: pull starter

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