Austin Elliott Finds Success at Streets of Lancaster

Austin Elliott (Photo:

Austin Elliott (Photo:

We want to say we are very grateful for the opportunities and success our team had at the SKUSA Streets of Lancaster race event this past weekend.  We had a big hurdle to overcome on Saturday but as a team we continued to push through and work on our issues, by Sunday afternoon we were successful and raced to a 4th place finish in the Main event running lap times equal to the leaders.  Our hard work all year has paid off as Austin secured the TAG Sr. Championship for the Pro Kart Challenge series, his second TAG Sr. Championship for SKUSA (2011 & 2014).  Securing that title alone was satisfying and made us all feel proud of the accomplishment but there was more to come.

During the awards ceremony, and much to our surprise, our driver was selected to receive an amazing gift and the opportunity to represent the City of Lancaster at all of the SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge and SKUSA Pro Tour races next season.  Austin was presented with a Driver Sponsorship award for the entire 2015 year of SKUSA racing.  We are all over-the-top excited about this and are still trying to soak it all in.  We have so much appreciation and thank you to everyone who is in support of Austin receiving this award.  This award was given by a partnership of Tom & Patti Kutscher and the City leaders of Lancaster, California and we are honored and thankful they have the trust in Austin to represent.  The award was given based on excellence in karting, responsibility, conduct, academic success and sportsmanship.

Success in racing has many parts.  Austin wouldn’t be where he is today without the help and support he has received.  A huge thank you goes to Wesley Boswell for his partnership with us, he works extremely hard for Austin and is a great mentor in many ways.  P1 Engines has been our engine builder for many years, we trust Jesus and appreciate his friendship, he is always there to take care of our power needs to run up front.  Rolison Performance group is more than just our chassis source, Mike Rolison is one of the top racing teams in the U.S., he put his trust in Austin and we appreciate his friendship and racing Kosmic Chassis.

If we didn’t have Competitors then there wouldn’t be a race!  Thank you to all the competitors we get the opportunity to go up against.  This year there has been a consistent level of top drivers at these SKUSA races with any one of the top 10 talented enough to win, and that is what has happened all year.  There has been a different winner in the TAG Sr. class at each race this season.  We are fortunate that Austin was the most consistent throughout the year and with a win at Sonoma allowed him to secure the Championship for the series.

Our biggest racing event of the year is coming up, the SKUSA Superkarts USA Super Nationals event in Las Vegas.  This will be our 4th year competing at this event and we are looking forward to it.  Austin has had success at this race, starting on the front row on Super Sunday and also has had challenging times, racing in the last chance qualifier for a spot in the back.  We race to win and this event will be no different, our team will do our best to be successful and contribute to the excitement of this awesome opportunity.  We are looking forward to competing with drivers from around the globe.

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