High Rev Engineering Powered Drivers Take Top Positions Again at Modesto Grand Prix

Looking to continue Top results in the opening rounds at the highly contested SKUSA Pro Tour.  High Rev Engineering Powered Drivers were poised to race Rounds 3 and 4 on the Inaugural Streets of Modesto Course.  Temporary circuits are difficult. All drivers have equal opportunity and time to master the course. But to finish on the top of the podium you must have focus, precision driving, and Big H.P! High Rev Powered drivers proved consistent again they have the winning recipe to complete the task.

TAG CADET Mini Rok round 3 – Jagger Jones, Myles Ferhan and Trey Brown were consistently fast in Fridays practice rounds.  Saturday morning Qualifying saw High Rev Powered drivers posting Myles Ferhan 3rd, Jagger Jones in 6th. Trey Brown with some slight mechanical issues posting 17th.

Heat one had a few delays but was an incredibly competitive race.  The finishing order for High Rev drivers saw Myles Ferhan 4th.  Jagger Jones moved up to 5th place and Trey Brown moving up finishing in 15th.

Heat two was and another seriously competitive race dominated with High Rev Drivers with Jagger Jones driving into a strong 2nd place. Trey Brown drove flawlessly carving his way through the field to finish 4th.  Myles was in an altercation and finished in 29th spot.

The Final was an epic race with High Rev Drivers dominating the field. Trey and Jagger ended up trading fast times and the lead several times. The race ended with a red flag. When the red flag dropped, Trey was leading and collected the win. Jagger Jones placing a close 2nd making it a One \Two High Rev Powered Finish.  Both drivers drove a perfect race without incident showing they have the experience, composure and Serious Horsepower to get the job done against the Worlds best. Unfortunately, Myles didn’t have good luck and was again collected in an on track incident.

TAG Cadet Mini Rok Round 4 – Qualifying for Sundays round went really well again. Jagger placing is HRE Powered Machine on the front row at P2. Trey Brown qualified 10th and Myles Ferhan 11th.

The schedule was rearranged and made only one Pre-final and a Final for the balance of the weekend in all classes. The pre final was another excellent race with Jagger finished a wise 3rd place and Trey moving up to 8th position. Myles was involved in an incident and was unable to finish the heat.

The Final Had Jagger off to a great start. He led the majority of the opening laps.  This turned out to be a crowd pleaser as Jagger traded the lead several times throughout the race. At the end Jagger crossed the line for a close 2nd place. Trey Brown moved up again to finish on the podium in 5th.  Myles started from the back and drove through the field with very fast lap times and finished a respectable 17th place.

At the closure of the weekend. Marc Zartarian of HRE said. “We always enjoy the SKUSA events! We realize that the cream of the crop from around the Globe attend the Pro Tours. We came here expecting to be challenged and our High Rev Powered drivers once again showed what they are made of all weekend. To have another Pro Tour – One \ Two finish is an undeniable statement and leaves no doubt that were are consistent with our Power Plants and customer support”.

HRE is present at all LAKC, PKC, and PRO Tour events. Next stop will be the SKUSA PRO TOUR Race at Lake Elsinore.

For more information regarding High Rev Engines. Check out www.highrevengineering.com High Rev Engineering builds Championship winning 2 stroke racing engines from 50cc to 125cc. With 32 years of experience and Hundreds of Championships and National wins. They offer National level engine sales, preparation or leasing of their Race Dept engines. Call Marc Zartarian at 760.212.6052 or email at marc@highrevengineering.com  Also information on upcoming events and results are available.

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