Record-Breaking 180 Entries Highlight GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Doubleheader

A record-breaking GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge doubleheader weekend is in the books following Round Six today with a total of 180 entries in 14 different divisions for two rounds of racing.

Today’s Round Six Winners: Jack Crawford, Zack Frank, David Lawrence, Anthony Gangi, Jr., Dalton Dow, Slade Westbrook, Neil Verhagen, Chris Bowen, Ashley Rogero, Enzo Fittipaldi, Mark Manno, Billy Duff, Josh Wilson and Kevin Ross.

Kid Kart Division Winners:
Caleb Gafrarar, Damian Gutierrez, Riley Sampson, Sam Corry, Brent Crews and Jayden Park. Congrats to all!

Rotax Micro Max Division
Jack Crawford backed up his Micro Max division Round Five win yesterday with another final win today. Just four laps in to the 15-lap final, Crawford had advanced to almost a second lead on the field. The sibling rivalry of Isabella Robusto and William Robusto raced hard behind him for the second and third positions. With just one lap left to decide finishing order, the Robustos collided in the bowl turn causing Isabella several positions on track and ushering a penalty for William. This incident knocked the drivers from the top-three, advancing Aiden Baker-Crouse and Tyler Maxson into finishing second and third.

Rotax Senior Division
In the Rotax Senior division, the competitors spread the wealth with three different drivers on top of the boards today. In qualifying, Nick Losito laid down a quick lap with a 49.391-second circuit. However, in the pre-final, Justin Neu came out on top to take the win. When the checkered flag flew after 20 laps, Dalton Dow was leading when it counted to take the final win, followed by Bjorn Bovim and Varun Choksey.

Rotax Junior Division
Anthony Gangi, Jr., muscled his way into a first place finish in the Rotax Junior 20-lap final. The frontrunners of Gangi, Bradley Zilisch and Blake Hunt were nose-to-tail for the first three laps before Zilisch made a pass for the lead on Gangi. Their close battle allowed Hunt to shrink the small gap, creating a three-kart battle for the lead. Gangi set the pace for the remainder of the race, leaving Zilisch and Hunt to battle hard behind him. With one lap to go, Zilisch and Hunt both completed very impressive passes on each other in Turn Eight and then again in Turn Nine coming to the checkered flag. Zilisch made the final pass to earn second position, followed by Hunt in third.

Yamaha Junior Division
In Yamaha Junior, Zack Frank earned his second final win of the weekend, just 0.979 seconds over Ashlyn Breuer. Early on, Frank was able to log clean laps putting space between him and Breuer. However, in the closing laps, Breuer, Abby Sinon and Luke Wallace were all within a kart length of each other and working together to close on the leader. Breuer ran out of laps to make a pass, settling for second followed by Sinon in third.

Yamaha Senior Division
David Lawrence earned his first final win of the weekend in Yamaha Senior today. Yesterday’s Round Five winner, Ben Curtis was quick in qualifying with a fast-lap of 55.437-seconds, earning him the pole. Curtis went on to win the 12-lap pre-final, but was defeated in the 15-lap final by Lawrence. Curtis finished in second, Christopher Hamilton in third.

TaG Junior Division
Neil Verhagen went undefeated for the weekend, earning the final win in Round Five as well as today. Verhagen’s win was not without some pressure from Myles Rowe. It appeared Verhagen may have thought he had the race wrapped up, while Rowe was slowly closing and just six laps remained. With two laps to go, Rowe had closed onto the bumper of Verhagen but ran out of time to make a solid attempt at a pass for the lead. Verhagen won, followed by Rowe and Gangi Jr.

TaG Masters Division
After a late-race skirmish, it was Chris Bowen who earned the TaG Masters division final win. In the opening laps, the top-four of Nick Tucker, Randy Sampson, Chris Bowen and Steve Frank were all close enough to throw a blanket over. By halfway, Sampson looked to make a pass for the lead on Tucker several times before executing the pass in Turn One. Patiently waiting as the two frontrunners battled hard was Bowen who was able to sneak by when Sampson and Tucker got tangled together in Turn Four. Bowen went on to take the win, followed by Frank and Sampson.

Open Shifter Winner: Slade Westbrook

TaG Senior Division
Another double-winner for this weekend was Ashley Rogero in TaG Senior. Rogero’s day was not all smooth sailing, however. In qualifying, Ricky Rudd logged a 48.007-second lap to take the pole. Rogero qualified last after pulling off early. In an exciting pre-final, Neu took the win. Rogero started the final from the fifth position, but after five quick laps she made a pass for the lead. Second and third place of Nick Losito and Justin Neu tried to work together to reel in Rogero, but were never able to catch her commanding 1.721-second lead. Rogero took the win and Neu was able to pass Losito to take second. Losito settled for third.

Mini Max Division
Enzo Fittipaldi could not be beat in the Mini Max division, earning his second win of the weekend. However, it was Dante Tekampe who laid down the fastest lap in qualifying, 53.745-seconds. In the final, Fittipaldi took the lead early with Alex Verhagen right on his heels. Verhagen was able to make a pass on Fittipaldi and for the first time all day there was some distance between the two drivers’ bumpers. Tekampe held his own in third as well. In two of the most impressive passes all afternoon, Verhagen and Fittipaldi made last-chance passes in the bowl and in the hairpin on the last lap to determine the winner. Fittipaldi scored the win, followed by Verhagen and Tekampe.

Briggs Cadet Winner:
Mark Manno

Briggs Junior:
Billy Duff also returned to the top spot on the podium for the second time this weekend in the Briggs Junior division. Brian Collins earned second place and Alison Cody rounded out the top three.

Briggs Senior Light Winner: Kevin Ross

Briggs Senior Heavy:
Josh Wilson went undefeated this weekend in the Briggs Senior Heavy division, collecting $200 total in purse money. Chris Teis and J.T. Swygert completed the top-three.

Round Six Results:
For a complete list of final results and current points standings from Round Six of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge, CLICK HERE. Due to technical difficulties, the championship points are not currently available but will be posted as soon as possible.

To view the album of GoPro pictures from Round Six, CLICK HERE. (Scroll to bottom of page for most recent pictures).

UP NEXT: GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Round Seven, Sept. 21.
The GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge will be back in action for Round 7 on Sept. 21. Each segment of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge consists of two rounds of practice, qualifying, prefinal and final races for all classes. To pre-register for Round Seven, CLICK HERE.

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