Seve Depinto’s Taste of Victory Won’t Be Stifled Yet

Coming off multiple podiums, no one should be surprised at this Florida driver's recent successes

If one doesn’t have the opportunity to do something often, then every time a chance arises, one must do it well. This truth certainly doesn’t fall short in the karting world, and Seve DePinto’s third and fourth showing in this season’s Florida Pro Kart Series (FPKS) in TaG Junior does nothing but uphold the theory.

This past weekend, almost four months after Florida Pro-Kart Series’ past installment in their program, Seve DePinto arrived ready to show what he had at the Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR). With multiple podiums and victories under this up-and-coming driver’s belt, DePinto showed that time away from the track means nothing next to focus and speed.

Ready for the third race in the Floridian series, DePinto proved to everyone that he showed up Saturday to take the competition seriously and qualified on pole. His momentum only snowballed from there. DePinto went on dominating the TaG Junior field, winning both the prefinal and final. It was showing to be the weekend that every driver dreams of.

Sunday began no differently from the day before. Gearing up for the fourth race for FPKS, DePinto kept his Iame X30 engine perfectly tuned, kept focused, and pulled out yet another first place qualifying position. No karting driver will ever complain about that version of déjà vu. However, in the prefinal, a small scuffle with a fellow kart caused the TaG Junior victor to fall back into fourth position with a 2.5 second gap from the kart in third position racing ahead of him. Not willing to give up on his positive momentum from the rest of the weekend, the young driver managed to close the gap and pull out a third place finish ahead of the checker.

For the final, DePinto showed up ready to dominate as he had the previous day. Alas, an overshot on turn one (involving a bus stop, forcing him to go off-track) would make surpassing his finish in the prefinal unattainable. Without being able to catch back up to the lead pack, DePinto solidly held off his third place position through the final. Not one for failing to recognize what a good weekend looks like, the DPI sponsored driver was happy with his results.

Such a successful weekend could have never been possible without the support of Jacob and Dave from TS Racing, as well as DR Karts. DePinto would also like to further his gratitude to TS Racing for his proven powerful Iame X30 engine, as well as to DPI Racing for sponsoring him in the Florida Pro Kart Series.

Always in search for the perfect weekend, there is no doubt DePinto will show up ready for the challenge at the next FPKS race, but next on the docket for the young talent is the fourth event weekend in the Rok Cup USA program over the August 23-24 weekend at Ocala Gran Prix.

For more information on Seve DePinto, sponsorship opportunities or information in how to partner with Seve DePinto, please contact Vito DePinto at 239.287.9239 or via e- mail to

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