Louie Pagano to Offer Driver Training at Regional and National Events

Successful karter to now hone the skills of up and coming drivers

A successful pilot himself, Louie Pagano's driver training program will help you get to the front of the pack (Photo: David Cole - eKartingNews.com)

A successful pilot himself, Louie Pagano’s driver training program will help you get to the front of the pack
(Photo: David Cole – eKartingNews.com)

After being named the 2013 TaG Senior Vice Champion in the SuperKarts! USA (SKUSA) Pro Tour and the 2013 eKartingNews.com Driver of the Year, SodiKart pilot Louie Pagano is pleased to announce that he will be offering a variety of driver training programs. Working with younger and older drivers alike, Pagano will hone the skills of some of North America’s up and coming karting pilots.

After an extremely successful start to 2014 season and with encouragement after being named eKartingNews.com’s 2013 Driver of the Year, the two-time Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals Team USA member was the runner-up in the Rotax Senior class at this season’s Rotax Challenge of the Americas and also secured three top-five finishes at the highly competitive Florida Winter Tour.

“I had help when I was younger and I am committed to helping the future racers of North America,” explained Pagano. “It does not matter on chassis brand or engine, I am looking to hone the skills of today’s karters.”

Pagano’s program will focus on picking up lap times, learning to hit your marks effectively and consistently at any track, lead follow seminars, data comparison, race craft and several other areas that will help you move your way to the front of the pack.

Already working with up and coming drivers such as Parker Chase, Nathan Adds, Nikita Lastochkin, Andretta Young, Alejandro Jarramillo and Michael Bartholomew, Pagano looks to add to his list of trainees in local, regional and national level competition.

Not giving up his driving duties, Pagano will be able to work with his trainees while at national events and help them with race craft as well as with kart setup in ever changing track conditions.

Drivers interested are encouraged to contact Pagano at805.501.9081 or via e-mail to GoKartLouie55@aol.com.

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