High Rev Engineering Powered Drivers to Extend Winning Streak at LAKC

Marc Zartarian stated, “After the last round at LAKC we felt all of our drivers were doing very well in the LAKC Championship point’s series. To maintain our driver’s advantage, we have paid strong attention to detail in the research and development to make sure all our drivers have the maximum reliability and Horsepower that they have come to expect.”  Round 6 at LAKC proved to be another exciting race weekend as High Rev Engineering drivers looked again to be strong throughout the weekend!

PRD Junior

Jake Drew has been quite strong at the last rounds and he continued with a very strong performance. Always in the top three throughout practice Jake qualified 3rd. His heat race had him battling for first place. He ended up finishing a wise third position. Starting in 3rd for the main he raced for the lead and ended up finishing 2nd in the highly competitive PRD-2 Class.

PRD Senior

Matt Johnson looking to maintain his strong points position had another fantastic race event. Matt didn’t have his usual qualifying performance and had to come from the rear of the field! After heat one finished Matt moved through the field showing his driving skills and strong High Rev Power to finish a strong 2nd place. Knowing he had a top finishing package Matt drove a smart race and strategically positioned himself for the win on the last lap. Matt made his presence known by pacing himself through the event to drive a fantastic race and continue his year’s performance on the top podium position.

PRD Senior Pilot

Cristina Castro is doing a great job in PRD Pilot. Her last rounds finish at 4th was great. Her class is very competitive and Cristina is always in the top 10. She qualified 8th and a very tight class. She advanced to 7th in the pre final. The final was an excellent battle and Cristina ended up 8th overall.

Comer K-80

This class never disappoints with a huge contingency of drivers, the field was stacked with 31 entries. High Rev Drivers have been dominate all year and looked strong in both practice days with Comer Driver’s Dominic Gorden and Myles Farhan leading the overall pace both practice days. Sundays qualifying was consistent with the prior days practice. Myles qualifying a close second to his Mini Rok Team mate. Cole Cotham and Dominic Gorden qualifying 5th and 8th overall. Placing them 1st and 2nd in the Pilot class.

The Pre-final had Myles Farhan taking the checkered with a dominate performance and Ck5 in 5th and Dominic Gorden running a strong 7th. The main was a fabulous race to watch! Myles lead the majority of the race and lead until the last lap last corner with a photo finish. Dominic Gorden ran up through the field showing he has the race craft and speed to run with the top Comer drivers in the country finishing with an absolutely stellar drive from 9th starting spot to 4th place overall and a 1st place in the Comer pilot class. Cole Cotham finished 9th place overall and a strong 2nd place in the comer pilot class.  The finishing order for Comer Pilot ended up having Dominic Gorden in 1st CK5 still maintaining in 2nd place.  This finish still keeps Cole Cotham in first place for overall Pilot points and Dominic in 2nd overall in Comer Pilot points and coming on strong. Congratulations to Myles Farhan on his 3rd place finish in Comer and is currently a strong second in points in the Comer class.


Fridays and Saturdays practice also had Myles and Jagger topping the charts. Qualifying set the tone for the upcoming heats with Jagger Jones on pole and Myles in 2nd. The Pre-Final was similar with Jagger taking the checkered. The final was basically a battle between Myles and Jagger checking out from the rest of the field and trading positions throughout the main. It came down to the last lap, last corner and Jagger ended up with the victory. The margin of victory over the rest of the field was 5 plus seconds.

At the end of the day.  Marc Zartarian stated “We always look forward to racing each month at LAKC. The competition is incredibly strong and our HRE powered drivers continue to rise to the standard and improve each race. They seem to maintain their points lead and chisel away at others points. We are doing our job supporting our clients and nothing thrills me more then to see them have the tools and resources to be able to compete at this level”.

I want to thank all of our drivers and their family’s for continuing to support High Rev Engineering for all of their racing needs throughout the United States. I am really proud of our young guns Dominic Gorden and Cole Cotham to see them advancing throughout each race. Congratulations Dominic on an overall top five in Comer at only 8 years old. It really excites me to watch the High Rev Engineering team work so close together. Special thanks to Myles Farhan and Jake Drew for all the mentoring that you provide to the young guns. Ryan Perry from Ryan Perry Motorsports for Chassis tuning, driver development and all of your hard work and efforts.

HRE is present at all LAKC, PKC, and SKUSA Pro tour events. Our next stop will be LAKC, the IKF Grand Nationals and the Pro Tour event at Modesto. If you are interested in joining the High Rev Family please feel free to contact us and look forward to our continued success.

For more information regarding High Rev Engines. Check out: www.highrevengineering.com National level engine sales, preparation or leasing of their Race Dept. engines is available. Call Marc Zartarian at 760.212.6052 or email at marc@highrevengineering.com  Also information on upcoming events and results are available.

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