CIK-FIA Mandates Steel or Iron Brake Discs for 2015

Decisions of the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA concerning Karting - June 2014

At its meeting on June 26th, 2014 in Munich, Germany, the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA made the following decisions on the basis of proposals of the International Karting Commission:

Amendments to Technical Regulations

Article 12 of the Technical Regulations, “KZ1 & KZ2 Specific Rules”.
Exhaust silencer: Homologated, compulsory use.
The fitting of the exhaust and muffler shall conform to Technical Drawing No. 20. Immediate application.

Article 2.11 of the Technical Regulations, “Brakes”.
From 1st January 2015, the brake discs must be steel, stainless steel or cast iron. This measure also applies to the currently valid approvals. Date of application: 01/01/2015

Amendments to the Sporting Regulations

Sporting Regulations of the CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship
The Championship will take place at a maximum of three Competitions, each containing between two and three races for Division 1. The maximum distance of each race is 50 km. If the Competitio n includes three races, the maximum distance of each race is reduced to 45 km. Date of application: 01/01/2015

Championship Sporting Regulations for the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship
During the Qualifying Practices “Q2 Super Pole”, as defined in Article 26-c, is removed. Immediate application.

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