High Rev Engineering Powered Drivers Take Top Positions at Sonoma SKUSA Tour

After showing strong results in the opening rounds at the highly contested SKUSA Pro Tour.  High Rev Engineering Drivers Looked forward to racing round four at Simraceway Sonoma. Sonoma is definitely a Drivers track but to win you need Big H.P!  High Rev Powered drivers proved again that they were up for the task.

TAG CADET Mini Rok Jagger Jones, Myles Ferahan and Trey Brown leading the practice rounds on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday morning Qualifying held true to that. High Rev Powered drivers would prove that they could be up front by posting an unreal 1st, 2nd and 3rd place qualifying order. Myles Ferahan who would claim the pole, Trey Brown was only a couple thousands off pole and Jagger Jones was a tenth behind in third. The rest of the field was 2 tenths off of Jagger.

Heat one had the finishing order with Trey Brown driving an excellent race in first, Jagger 3rd and Myles 5th.  Heat two was again dominated by High Rev Drivers as they pulled off another 1, 2, 3 finish with Jagger Jones driving flawlessly to win, Myles finished 2nd and Trey finished a close 3rd.

The Final was shaped up to be an epic battle. Jagger got off to a great start and never looked back. Jagger ended up winning by a comfortable 4.2 second margin

over the closest competitor. Unfortunately Myles and Trey got pushed off on the start and had to drive back from the back of the field. In doing so. They put on a clinic passing the majority of the field. Trey Brown finished 9th and Myles finished 11th while setting the races overall fastest time.

TAG CADET MINI ROK “Pilot” Cole Keith Cotham (CK5) raced his first TAG Cadet event at Sonoma. CK5 has been running strong leading the Comer K-80 points at LAKC. He decided to compete at Simraceway and set the pace early in the practice rounds. He was at times listed in the top 5 overall in the TAG Cadet class. CK5 had a tough qualifying but bounced back running consistently like a veteran throughout the heats. He set 11th for the final. After the Final was over CK5 ended up finishing 2nd in the Pilot class with an amazing 7th overall in the TAG Cadet class.

When the races were over. Marc Zartarian stated “We always enjoy competing at the Highest Level and the SKUSA Pro Tour events offer that platform. The barr is set here in SKUSA!  High Rev Engineering knows that we have to continue to persevere to stay on top. We are Driven to seeing our HRE powered drivers have

a strong and dominate power plant so that they have an opportunity to showcase their talents. I believe we made a Significant Statement this weekend by seeing our drivers qualify 1, 2, and 3. Also lining up in the final with the same order and winning in serious fashion. The fact that CK5 as a Pilot driver can compete and finish just outside the top 5 is also testimonial to our commitment to our clients”

HRE is present at all LAKC, PKC, and PRO Tour events. Our next stop will be the LAKC on June 29th at Cal Speed

For more information regarding High Rev Engines. Check out www.highrevengineering.com National level engine sales, preparation or leasing of their Race Dept. engines is available. Call Marc Zartarian at 760.212.6052 or email at marc@highrevengineering.com  Also information on upcoming events and results are available.

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