Dark Horse Pros Launches “On the Edge Video Contest 2014”

Dark Horse Pros sponsors their “On the Edge Video Contest 2014” for athletes participating in action and extreme sports, with cash prizes totaling $5,000. From now until July 6th, entrants can upload their video entry to the Dark Horse Pros contest site,DarkHorsePros.com.

To enter the contest, athletes submit a video and basic profile that will spark interest in the athlete and their sports career. Each entrant’s video will do double-duty, as it can be used to launch a crowdfunding campaign after the contest concludes.

To explain crowdfunding, Clara McDonald, co-founder of Dark Horse Pros (DHP), said, “Think of all your Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers, and YouTube subscribers—we at DHP call them true fans. Having those true fans support you with contributions during an online fundraising campaign is crowdfunding in a nutshell. If everyone puts in a little something, it becomes something big—plain and simple.”

As is true of running a crowdfunding campaign, the backbone of the contest is in social media. Raising awareness of the athlete’s entry through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other method is the key to winning.

This contest awards prizes to 1st–5th place winners, as well as to seven Weekly Winners. Prizes range from 1st place which includes: $3,000 cash, a professionally produced feature story video filmed on location with the athlete, and DHP crowdfunding fees waived for one year; to the Weekly Winner which includes: $50 cash and 50% off DHP crowdfunding fees for one campaign. Announced on May 26th, Koren Saida, a 14-year-old karter, was the first Weekly Winner.

Winners will be chosen based on who the judges think will have successful crowdfunding campaigns in the future. Therefore, each athlete should create a video that communicates who they are as an athlete, their sports career goals, and what they need to reach those goals—all in less than three minutes. Athletes can go to the Tips & Tricks page to learn what it takes to produce a winning video.

Officially launched on May 12th, the contest will stop accepting entries on July 6th. However, voting will continue to July 13th in order for entrants to gain as many votes as possible, since the number of votes comprises 30% of their score.

After the contest concludes, the DHP crowdfunding site will launch. Founded in July 2013, Dark Horse Pros focuses on the needs of athletes in action and extreme sports, such as: mountain biking, MMA, kiteboarding, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, BMX, karting, Supercross, Motocross, and desert racing.

Gaining traction in motorsports, DHP began sponsoring athletes in April and has already announced three motorsports athletes: Gabby Chaves, points leader for the Indy Lights Championship; Steve Hengeveld, multiple Baja 500 & 1000 desert racing winner; and Josh Bilicki, Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) national race car driver.

More sponsorship announcements are scheduled and additional partnerships are in the works. Check theirFacebook page for information about each athlete and future sponsorship announcements.

Athletes participating in action and extreme sports can now upload their video entry to the Dark Horse Pros site,DarkHorsePros.com. The On the Edge Video Contest is for professional and amateur athletes, ages 13 and older. The $25 entry fee gives athletes a shot at $5,000 in total cash prizes and waived or reduced crowdfunding fees.

About Dark Horse Pros 
Founded in July 2013 by Mark McDonald, Dark Horse Pros (DHP) is a company seriously committed to serious athletes. DHP’s purpose is to help surface athletes who may not otherwise have the means to pursue their sport. As such, DHP athletes will use the site to obtain crowdfunding, build brand identity, develop a fan community, connect to fans via media, and attract sponsorship. The crowdfunding site will launch after the video contest concludes on July 13, 2014. For details about the On the Edge Video Contest—including cash prizes to be awarded to the 1st–5th place winners—visit the contest site, DarkHorsePros.com.

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