Red Line Oil Karting Championship Presents the Memorial Day $500 and $1000 Triple Crown

Red Line Oil Karting Championship logoOn this Indianapolis 500 weekend the RLOKC will pay a $500 bonus to one of the class winners at this race. Any class with more than 8 entries will be eligible to have the winners name placed in the draw to be held at the end of the race day. Additionally if a driver wins his same class at this RLOKC race, the Sonoma SKUSA race on June 7 and at the next RLOKC race on June 15 they will be eligible for a $1000 bonus draw!

After the first two races of dodging the rain drops, Race #3 of the Red Line Oil Karting Championships is looking forward to a forecast of sunny weather for the whole race weekend.  This will be a rare appearance of the RLOKC on Memorial Day weekend, thus many of the racers, crews and families will be setting their DVD players to record the Indy 500 and watch it when they get home.  The track layout for this race will be the Reverse National configuration of the Simraceway International Karting Center track at Sonoma Raceway.  The feature GoPro class will be the Stock Honda Masters class.

The season has started out showing that all of the classes will be very competitive and one can expect several winning drivers in each class this year.  There were no double class winners after Race #2 and in some classes clearly there will 4 or 5 different drivers winning races this year.  In Micro Max, there will be a third different race winner this coming weekend since Race #1 winner Dustin Salaverria has moved up to Mini Max and Race #2 winner Tait Blum is moving to Phoenix.  Grant Langon and Garrett Randolph, Jr. are looking to take their first win of the year after each were runner ups in the last two races.  Junior Rotax has a great battle brewing between Enzo Prevost, Michael Michoff and Phillippe Denes, yet there are 3 or 4 other drivers in the field who are fast enough to win races.  Mini-Max also has a strong field with Matteo Sandoval and Clayton Williams showing the top speed and Bryson Lew and Colin Mullan both now in a position to win races.

The shifter classes also are showing lots of competition for the winner’s positions.  Brian Keck and Pro Stock Rookie Daniel De la Calle are leading 3 or 4 other new generation Pro Stock drivers.  The 80 Masters class has also become more competitive this year with the addition of Kevin Woods coming over from Rotax Masters and a strong start by Chuck Hastings.  Defending Class Champ Tom Nelson has his work cut out for him if he wants to repeat as class champ.

The weekend will start with the Practice day on Saturday which will also feature two Simraceway Arrive and Drive classes.  All Red line Oil Series classes will be able to get in as many as 8 practice sessions during the day. Practice starts at 8:30 AM and runs to 6:00 PM.  Registration will open at 7:30 AM.  Practice is open to all drivers who have a kart that meets current karting safety specs and the drivers are up to normal racing speeds.  Cost is $50.

The Sunday Raceday begins at 8:10 AM with a quick round of practice for the 9 race groups followed by a 5 lap group Qualify, two 8 lap Pre-Mains and a 15 lap Main.  Registration will open at 6:45 AM.  Race Entry is $100, $15 for transponder rental if needed, $10 for all crew and spectators, kids under 12 years old is $5.  All sign-ins are at the admin building on the right side as you enter Sonoma Raceway, look for the Red Line Registration sign.  You can get more info about the RLOKC as well as a weekend schedule by going to

Weekend Schedule:



Race Entry:
Attached is an Race Entry form that can be downloaded and printed to help expedite  the entry process. We are working on an “On Line” entry system.

“Class” Sponsorship:
Once again RLOKC is offering “Class” sponsorship opportunities. Being a class sponsor not only offers great value in entry rebates but this year we have added priority paddock assignments to our sponsors. RLOKC already has some exciting new sponsors such as ZERO Motorcycles. Look for upcoming announcements and details about these new partners.  Sponsorship 

Paddock parking:
With large entries expected all year, RLOKC will be pre-assigning paddock parking areas. Priority will be given to our sponsors and partners. Additional Premium spaces will be available for a fee and all other areas will remain free of charge. Requests for space should be made to
Jordan or call Jordan at 707 938 9986, please provide trailer size and number of competitors who will be utilizing the space. 

For more information go to the RLOKC web-site at RLOKC , you can also contact us by e-mail at organizer

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