High Rev Engineering Powered Drivers Claim Top Results at SKUSA SpringNationals

At the warm up race the weekend prior to the Spring Nationals Jagger Jones showed his HRE powered TAG Cadet Kart would be a definite threat at the Spring Nationals finishing a strong 2nd place.

Trey Brown leading the PKC points and Myles Farahan also in the top ten TAG Cadet PKC points would also prove that they were contending for top spots at The Spring Nationals.

Marc Zartarian stated that we knew after Jaggers 2nd place finish at Dallas and back home at the LAKC Race the same weekend, that Trey and Myles had a dominate 1 and 2 finish that we had a promising Spring Nationals to look forward to.

After posting top position at the end of Fridays practice Jagger Jones remained confident. He would be in contention. Through the heats Myles and Jagger did quite well positioning themselves in 8th and 9th for the final. Trey was collected in unfortunate crashes and starting in 23rd position for the final. At the end of round one Myles finished a very strong 3rd and unfortunately Jagger and Trey were involved in on track incidents that placed then further back in the field.

After posting strong times again in the morning warm up, HRE powered drivers looked good to have top results. Qualifying had Myles Farahan in 2nd and Jagger Jones in 3rd.. Trey had some small issues and ended up 20th.

At the end of the day in the final it was obvious that it was a two man race with Jagger taking the lead and Myles closely behind him in 2nd.   In a dominate performance the two checked out and proceeded to drive away from the field. They traded positions and Myles ended up winning the event and Jagger placing 2nd. Trey was again involved in an incident on the start and was sidelined.

Marc Zartarian stated “ I am very pleased to have the caliber of drivers representing our materials this year. We love racing at the highest level and SKUSA sets the standard for drivers and engines. At HRE we have been committed to development of the Cadet TAG and Senior TAG categories. We have emphasized our preparation in TAG Cadet like we did in the JICA day when we also had dominate success. This year’s results are indicative of our efforts in the PKC, PRO TOUR and LAKC where HIGH REV ENGINEERING Engines are now leading all three series in the points.”

For more information on High Rev Engines. Check out www,highrevengineering.com. National level engine sales, preparation or leasing of their Race Dept. engines is available. Call Marc Zartarian at 760.212.6052 or email at marc@highrevengineering.com  Also information on upcoming events and results are available.

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