Series News: Red Line Oil Karting Championship – Mini Max and Rotax Membership News

Red Line Oil Karting Championship logoMini-Max Rev Limiters in use for RLOKC Race #3 – The rules for a Rotax Challenge series does allow in 2014 the regional series to use rev limiters in the Mini-Max class.  With that, I will be implementing the use of the rev limiters that were used last year starting in Race #3.  The RLOKC has 15 rev limiters and we will issue them on the practice day prior to Race #3 and collect them after the race on Sunday.  You can pick up the rev limiters from Jordan or Brett at the Cameron Karting trailer.

Rotax Memberships – Per RLOKC series rules, all drivers must be a Rotax member after their 2nd race.  There are 13 drivers who have run 2 races in the series this year and these drivers will need to join Rotax prior to or at the next race.  It is simpler for all if you would go online to www.gorotax .com and click the membership form and print out the form, fill in the credit card information and send it in Prior to Race #3.  I get a report from Rotax National each Thursday on any membership updates, thus if the national office receives your membership application prior to May 20, then I will see it in the report on May 22.  Also, make sure you list the Home Region as the Red Line Oil series.  If you are a new member and you are under 18, then a copy of the driver’s birth certificate needs to be also sent to Rotax.  The birth certificate can be sent separately at a later date if you do not have a copy of a birth certificate right now.

I would appreciate it if any driver who has run 2 races, please send in a membership as soon as is possible to just get this done.

Rotax Engine Passports – If you are in post-race tech at the end of the day, you will be required to present your engine passport to the Tech Director starting with Race #3.  The engine passport is a major portion of the Rotax program.  At the first two races, we have been asking to see it at Pre-Tech to get everyone thinking about making sure they have the Passport with them.  Now we will start making the Passport part of the post-race process after the Mains.

In the case you forgot your Passport at home, the RLOKC series rules will be amended to have a provision to handle the lack of a Passport on the first occurrence basis.  The rule will state that if there is no Passport, the driver is DQ’d, this means no awards and points for the Main.  But a driver can regain their points from the Main by faxing or emailing a scanned copy of all pages of the Passport to the Race Director or Tech Director by 6:00 pm of the day following the race.  This reinstatement would only be allowed once.  A second time occurrence would result in a DQ with no provision to get your points back.

Many drivers are now starting to go to larger out of region races such as the Challenge of the Americas where they process is that you present your engine Passport at event Pre-Tech.  To help get our region drivers and crews ready for the step up to the next level events, we are will start making the Passports a mandatory part of the top karts that make it into post race tech after the Mains.

Looking forward to seeing you at Race #3.

Thanks Ric Shaw, Race Director

For more information go to the RLOKC web-site at RLOKC , you can also contact us by e-mail at organizer

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