The Kart Cloud Simplifies Your Access to the Karting World

BRP recently released an online tool that helps newcomers discover the karting world, called Kart Cloud. Everyone knows that starting new activities can come with a few hurdles. Combining extensive market knowledge, many years of karting experience and the latest technology, the Kart Cloud provides the basic information you need to get started in the karting world, like rules and regulations, engine and chassis setup, etc. Simplifying the access to the sport will help us grow our customer base and expand the karting community.

However, it is not only new drivers that can benefit from all the features of this platform. Professional drivers can also track their performance and ultimately improve it. Nor is its usage limited to Rotax customers, even though the Kart Cloud is a tool that was developed by BRP. It is a service tool that is accessible free of charge to all karting enthusiasts.

The Kart Cloud offers various online features, the most important ones are listed below. Read through them and see for yourself how they can make your karting experience even more enjoyable. This web platform can be accessed from all operating systems, web browsers, and mobile devices.

This feature enables drivers to create their own profile and to personalize their account with pictures and individual information. The social aspect of karting is supported by a lot of social media features, like adding friends, writing messages, and starting challenges, just to name a few.

Kart Track Locator
This locator shows the kart tracks in a selected area and also features the track ratings given by the Kart Cloud members. Registered members also have the possibility to start a kart challenge directly from the track locator and are able to view who will race on which track and at what time. Invitations to the challenges can be sent to Kart Cloud members as well as to any other e-mail address. Additionally, members will be able to view the profile of these drivers, including the equipment they use. At the moment, the Track Locator features details of more than 500 kart tracks worldwide.

This feature is the heart of the kart cloud and allows you to complete easy, yet extensive lessons on how to use the products, drive safely and make the most of your experience. Each chapter is concluded by a small test, and features a lot of useful tips and tricks, as well as track recommendations for all skill levels. Each month a new chapter providing information to improve the skills of the drivers, will be added to the site. By the end of November 2014, a total of 10 chapters full of knowledge from experts will be readily accessible for all Kart Cloud members.

These chapters will cover the following topics:
 Basics and equipment
 Performance preparation
 Problem solving
 Frequently asked questions
 Solution for speed
 Fit and fast
 Working smarter not harder
 Organization and efficiency
 Value for money

Once completed, the Academy will be one of the most extensive information tool and source of knowledge available for the karting community.

The karting logbook enables each driver to register their specific settings (tyres, chassis, engine) for each kart track and for every session. After completing the session, they can enter the results and save the data. For the next race, the driver can change some of the settings and see how it affects her/his performance – you’ll never have to start from scratch again!

All the data will be stored online and are available on the driver’s mobile devices of the driver at all times, so they can carry their logbook with them to be ready when they start their next session.

This very sophisticated and well thought-out tool will help drivers rise to the next performance level and will give them more free time to spend on the track. But that’s not all – a forum and videos will be added to the Kart Cloud over the next few months. In total more than 800 karting enthusiasts have already registered to the Kart Cloud and are benefiting from its services and tools.

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