Superkarts! USA Approves IAME X30 Engine for Competition Beginning June 1, 2014

In a statement released  on April 2, Superkarts! USA announced the addition of the IAME X30 engine to the TaG Senior and TaG Master categories for competition, beginning June 1, 2014. Below is the official posting from

IAME X30We have been evaluating this engine for some time. In addition to conducting our own independent research,   we have been following the experience of other series.

Here are our findings – as well as our current plans – for this engine in SKUSA competition, as of today April 2, 2014:

-While it is similar in performance to the existing Leopard and Leopard 09, its characteristics do favor some track configurations.
– The crankshaft redesign and balancer shaft significantly improve reliability.
– Lower rev limiter adds to improved reliability and lengthens rebuild time.

This engine has been approved for SKUSA competition effective June 1, 2014, for the TaG Senior and TaG Master classes only.  At this time, it is our intent to have the TaG Junior class remain a Leopard-only class through 2015. This helps provide a market to sell existing Leopard engines for Senior or Master drivers who want to switch to the X30. Initially, the X30 engine will have a minimum weight 20 lbs. above the Leopard weights – thus the X30 will be at 375 lbs for TaG Senior and 405 lbs for TaG Master.

Please keep in mind that the SKUSA rules allow us to adjust weights at any time to balance competition.

Complete technical specifications will posted on the SKUSA website soon.

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