GoRotax News: Mojo New Marking and Homologation

INFO_2014_02_03_MOJO_NEW_MARKING_2_The CIK Homologation for 2014 to 2016 required a different marking of all slick tires:
CIK-F-Option (Hard=D1) and CIK-F-Prime (Medium=D2) for Non- Gearbox
CIK-Z-Option (Hard) and CIK-Z-Prime (Medium=D3) for Gearbox classes.

For this change Mojo would have to change all molds for larger engraving plates. To avoid excessive costs for new plates Mojo asked the CIK to allow an additional “O” instead of “Option” and “P” instead of “Prime” to the already existing plates. This exception was granted by CIK in writing as of February 2013.

In December 2013 CIK stated, that the shortened identification is not in line with their homologation rules and that the written confirmation was a “mistake”. At that time Mojo had already manufactured around 50,000 tires.

As CIK insisted that the rules must be obeyed, Mojo had to change the engraving plates again in order to obtain a valid homologation for the period 2014 to 2016.

As a consequence customers will receive tires with the new engraving as soon as the previous tires are used up. All boxes containing the “new” tires will have modified stickers (see attached illustration).

Please follow the “first in – first out” principle to avoid unnecessary discussions. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but it was truly not in our hands. Feel free to contact MAXSpeed for any questions you may have.

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