Industry News: Hegar Manufacturing Offering Quick Start for Honda CR125 Engines

New device eliminates the need to push start your shifterkart

Hegar logoHegar Manufacturing is a renowned name in the karting industry, having produced a number of innovative karting items over the last many years, and they continue to support events across the country. The shop’s latest creation is unique for shifterkart owners – the Hegar Quick Start. For racers who utilize a 1999 Honda CR125 bottom-end, this new device allows one person to start the engine with a push of a button.

For the past two years, the idea has been tossed around the Hegar Manufacturing shop floor, as an idea focused on helping the racer who travels solo to the racetrack for practice or a race day. The basic design concept comes from the TaG (Touch and Go) engine formula, allowing the driver to start the engine without needing a push start or a kart stand to crank the engine. The Hegar Quick Start system replaces the ignition rotor flywheel nut with a 1.9oz drive pin to allow the starter unit to operate. The system is powered by an ultra lightweight 15.9oz lithium battery – which can be mounted on the seat or the front end of the chassis. The package comes complete with the billet chassis mount for the battery, wire loom, starter button with steering column mount, and a battery charger for the price of $649.

“The idea came about between all of us here at Hegar Manufacturing, and Mike Gent at Shark Shifter,” stated Chris Hegar of Hegar 4 Products. “The concept and technical blueprint came from my father Terry Hegar, as we’ve been able to create something that can help a number of karters in the country and around the world. The simple design is to allow for little added weight and no adjustments needed once the Hegar Quick Start is mounted to your engine, allowing more time to enjoy yourself on the race track.”

Production of the Hegar Quick Start has been in gear for the last month, with on-track testing having already been conducted on shifterkart motors racing on dirt tracks in the Portland, Oregon area. After some slight modifications, a few devices have been sent off to hand-selected drivers and engine service centers to conduct more vigorous tests in order for Hegar to obtain more feedback on the unique product.

Hegar Quick Start“We have one attached to the kart here in the shop, and start it up numerous times throughout the day with no issues,” added Hegar. “The people we had test on the dirt track experienced no problems with it, as the only concern for some may be space between the seat and the engine. If there is not enough room to attach the Hegar Quick Start device, you may need to use an offset motor mount to provide the needed space – which is what we had to do to my shifterkart. We are not looking to make this mandatory for organizations to adapt, but rather, as we have for so many years, offer products that innovative to the sport that racers from the club level all the way up to the top echelon can enjoy.”

The Hegar Quick Start is available now, with the first shipments to go out by the beginning of next week. To find out more, head to or call 503-659-1234.

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  1. While writing this article, this would be great for S5 Junior drivers. If they happen to stall the kart, they are most likely unable to get out and push start the kart. This way, they just push the button and get going again.

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