Industry News: K&K Kart Announces North American Dealer Program and Website

Chassis developer and importer taking steps to brand into US

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What started five years ago as a passion of 40-year karting veteran Kevin Barrick, with the assistance of Lorne Kelly, has come to full fruition. K&K set out to develop the best cost/performance Italian (EKS) chassis this could, built specifically for four-cycle racing in North America. With the 2014 Version 5 K&K Cobra, coming in at just under $3000 retail, K&K has achieved their goal.

Countless ASN National, Regional and Club Championships have been won in the process. With the explosion growth of the Briggs L0206 program, K&K started focusing strictly on that package over 2 1/2 years ago, and K&K Kart is now well ahead of the competition in development.

“The hard work of dealing with the factory on design and performance is done,” commented Barrick. “The on-track results have been achieved, and the skeptics have been silenced. We can’t handle all the inquiries, and feel the need to develop the website (live Mar 30), and set up a manageable North American dealer network”.

Barrick, the K&K importer/developer who has sponsored and been hands on with the National K&K Race Team since the start, will step back a little this year and focus more on setting up the dealer network, as opposed to handling all the sales directly.

A major announcement in that regard, and that of a NEW ‘FULL SERVICE’ K&K ONTARIO DEALER” is forthcoming. K&K Karts, Briggs engines, parts, trackside support and “Arrive and Drive” packages will all be available through the new Ontario K&K dealer.

K&K Kart North America is currently seeking dealers in Quebec, the western provinces and the United States. A dealer start-up package has been assembled, and rivals anything out there. Purchase of a Dealer Pak secures the rights for your province, state or region.

K&K Dealer PAK:

10 K&K Version 5 Cobra complete chassis 28 or 30mm (1010 or 1040)
10 K&K High Quality Decal Kits
10 K&K Factory Race Suits
10 K&K Factory Gloves
10 K&K Team Tshirts
5 Steering Shafts
5 Sets L&R spindles.

This package is available for one set price and represents everything you will need to be a successful K&K dealer. All other K&K components are Italian generic…axle is “A” soft, short hubs and bodywork is current KG. These are all parts, that are readily available locally.

These karts are out “PROVEN” of the box fast, and represent the epitome of “affordable” Briggs L0206 racing. Bolt on a Briggs and win.

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