230 Drivers Entered in 19th Winter Cup of Lonato

KZ2 arrive of the 2013 Winter Cup, race won by Charles Leclerc from Ben Hanley to Davide Forè (Photo FM Press)

230 drivers will be taking part in the 19th Winter Cup of Lonato (Brescia, Italy), race scheduled at the South Garda Karting circuit from 21st to 23rd February 2014. The event will see on track the classic three categories KF, KFJ and KZ2 in what is going to be the first important race of the International CIK-FIA calendar.

The first international round of the season started on the right foot and it will not only feature a very good number of drivers on track but the quality of the racers is also going to be very high, as they are all top names at an international level. KZ2 will see 83 drivers at the start, while KF has 59 entered drivers and KF Junior 89. The programme will officially start on Wednesday 19th February with free practice and karts fitting the transponder.

The most powerful category, i.e. KZ2 with shift and Bridgestone tyres, will have 83 drivers at the start as several works teams are ready to challenge each other on track. Furthermore, some top drivers took on the challenge of making their debut with new teams such as the world champions Bas Lammers, who moved to Formula K, and Arnaud Kozlinski to Intrepid. Among the top teams, CRG will be present in KZ2 with Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Alex Palou and Fabian Federer, while Davide Forè will be racing with team DTK. Tony Kart will field Marcio Ardigò, Flavio Camponeschi and Andreas Hansen, Art GP will take  Ben Hanley on track as well as Mirko Torsellini and the Russian driver Vladislav Kurakin, while Birel will line up Paolo De Conto. Some other important teams will also be present like Energy Corse, DR, G.P. Racing, Maranello Kart, CRG Holland, PDB, KK1, CKR, AVG, the new French team CPB and Tribe One that will be fielding Alessio Piccini and Luca Corberi at the debut in KZ2. Some other top names will be among the numerous private drivers, such as Marcel Mueller, Luca Tilloca, Loris Spinelli, Andrea Dalè and many more.

In KF – category equipped with Bridgestone tyres – 59 drivers are set to make it to the start. The Swedish team Ward Racing and the British Ricky Flynn will be among the top teams as the latter will have the European Champion Lando Norris among its ranks. A good number of teams will also be present such as Tony Kart, Kosmic, CRG, Birel, Energy Corse, Art GP, DR, CRG, Forza Racing, VDK, Kartronix, Komarov, Gandolfi and many more. The two main KF Junior title contenders moved to the higher category will be of the starting lot too, as the 2013 World Champion Alessio Lorandi will wear Baby Race’s colors and the vice-champion Leonardo Pulcini will get on track with team Morsicani Racing.

KF Junior – on Vega tyres – will be once again the most crowded category as it will have 89 young promises of international karting on track. Ward Racing will line up a high number of drivers such as the Russian Alexander Vartanyan and the American Logan Sargeant. Very good potential also for Max Fewtrell who will be racing with Ricky Flynn, Eliseo Martinez and Archie Tillett with CRG, the Polish sisters Julia and Wictoria Pankiewicz — both coming from the Academy Trophy — will compete on the karts run by Forza Racing. Daniel Ticktum and Luca Legeret will get on track with Zanardi Strakka Racing, James Pull with Tony Kart, while Baby Race will field an army of drivers among which Giuliano Alesi — son of F1 champion Jean Alesi — who is at his second year of activity. Several other drivers can also aim to the victory which calls for a spectacular race all the way to the end.

The official programme of the event is going to start on Wednesday 19th February with free practice and timing service through transponders. Another free practice session will take place on Thursday 20th February, while on Friday practice will be followed by qualifying and heats. Some more heats will take place on Saturday. Repechage races, Prefinals and Finals will end the event on Sunday 22 February.

All information will be available at www.southgardakarting.it


1^ WINTER CUP 1996
100 Junior: Oscar TAMI (I) – Tibikart / Vortex
100 ICA: Vitantonio LIUZZI (I) – Kalì Kart / CRG
100 FA: Natale MAGGIO (I) – Tony Kart / Vortex

2^ WINTER CUP 1997
100 Junior   Andrea BONETTI (I) – Rakama / Parilla
100 ICA       Martin JENSEN (DK) – Tony Kart / Vortex
100 FA         Matteo GAMBA (I) – CRG / CRG
100 FSA       Roberto TONINELLI (I) – Haase / Titan

3^ WINTER CUP 1998
100 Junior   Marco ARDIGÒ (I) – CRG / CRG
100 ICA       Francesco BASILICO (I) – Top Kart / Comer
100 FA         Patrick LONG (USA) – CRG / CRG
100 FSA       Roberto TONINELLI (I) – CRG / CRG

4^ WINTER CUP 1999
100 Junior   Stefan SODERGBERG (S) – Tony Kart / Vortex
100 ICA       Marco ARDIGÒ (I) – CRG / CRG
100 FA         Dos SANTOS (BR) – CRG / CRG
100 FSA       Ronnie
QUINTARELLI (I) – Tony Kart / Vortex

5^ WINTER CUP 2000
100 Junior   Carlo VAN DAM (NL) – Trulli / Vortex
100 ICA       Davide GAGGIANESI (I) – CRG / CRG
100 FA         Nelson VAN DER POL (NL) – Tony Kart / Vortex
100 FSA       Davide FORÈ (I) – Tony Kart / Vortex

6^ WINTER CUP 2001
100 Junior   Filippo TEDESCHINI (I) – CRG / Parilla
100 ICA       Bart KRAMER (NL) – Tony Kart / Vortex
100 FA         Ben HANLEY (GB) – Kosmic / Vortex
100 FSA       Mauro PIU (I) – Haase / Titan

7^ WINTER CUP 2002
100 Junior   Matteo CHINOSI (I) – Maranello / TM / Vega
100 ICA       Edoardo MORTARA (CH) – Tony Kart / Vortex / Vega
100 FA         Andrea TRESSINO (F) – Top Kart / Rotax / Vega
100 FSA       Sauro CESETTI (I) – Kosmic / Vortex/ Bridgestone

8^ WINTER CUP 2003
100 Junior   Andy ZANELLA (I) – Top Kart / Comer / Vega
100 ICA       Oliver OAKES (GB) – Tony Kart / Vortex / Vega
100 FA         Davide FORÈ (I) – Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone

9^ WINTER CUP 2004
100 Junior   Alessandro RUGGERI (I) – Italsistem / Italcorse / Vega
100 ICA       Atte MUSTONEN (FIN) – Birel / TM / Vega
100 FA         Ben HANLEY (GB) – Maranello / Maxter / Bridgestone

10^ WINTER CUP 2005
100 Junior   Roberto MERHI (E) – Birel / Iame / Vega
100 ICA       Ollie MILLROY (GB) – Birel / TM / Vega
100 FA         Sauro CESETTI (I) – Birel / TM / Bridgestone

11^ WINTER CUP 2006
100 Junior   Luca GENINI (I) – Birel / Parilla / Vega
100 ICA       Ollie MILLROY (GB) – Birel / TM / Vega
100 FA         Sauro CESETTI (I) – Birel / TM / Bridgestone

12^ WINTER CUP 2007
KF3              Viktor OBERG (S) – Gillard / MRC / Vega
KF2              Yannick DE BRABANDER (B) –
Maranello / Parilla / Vega
KF1              Michael CHRISTENSEN (DK) –
Gillard / Parilla / Vega

13^ WINTER CUP 2008
KF3              Aaro VAINIO (FIN) – Maranello / XTR / Dunlop
KF2              Rob FOSTER JONES (GB) –
FA Kart / Vortex / Vega
KF1              Yannick DE BRABANDER (B) –
Intrepid / TM / Vega

14^ WINTER CUP 2009
KF3              Daniil KVYAT (RUS) –
Tony Kart / Vortex / Dunlop
KF2              Brandon MAISANO (F) –
Intrepid / TM / Bridgestone
SKF             Gary CATT (GB) –
Tony Kart / Vortex / Vega

15^ WINTER CUP 2010
KF3              Egor ORUDZHEV (RUS) –
Intrepid / TM / Dunlop
KF2              Michael HECHE (CH) –
Intrepid / TM / Bridgestone
SKF             Toman LIBOR (CZ) –
Birel / BMP / Vega

16^ WINTER CUP – 2011
KF3              Dennis OLSEN (N) –
Energy / TM / Vega
KF2              Teemu SUNINEN (FIN) –
Maranello / Maranello / Bridgestone
KZ2              Patrick HAJEK (CZ) –
Tony Kart / Vortex / Dunlop         

17^ WINTER CUP – 2012
KF3              George RUSSELL (GB) –
Intrepid / TM / Vega
KF2              Max VERSTAPPEN (NL) –
Intrepid / TM / Vega
KZ2              Rick DREEZEN (B) –
Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone

18^ WINTER CUP – 2013
KF3              Alessio LORANDI (I) –
Tony Kart / Vortex / Vega
KF2              Max VERSTAPPEN (NL) –
CRG / TM / Vega
KZ2              Charles LECLERC (MC) –
Art GP / TM / Vega

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