Trackside Tutoring Program Brings Education Service to National Level Karters

With the higher demands and hectic schedules of the National-Level kart racer, education becomes a concern for many parents, but a service started on the national karting tours, Trackside Tutoring, is aimed at keeping racers “on track” in both their racing efforts and education. The program is the brain-child of Brittany Doyle Lobaugh, a certified educator with a Master’s Degree in Education.

“Racers typically miss a minimum of two days of school for each major race they attend,” said Brittany. “It is hard enough to stay on target with their lesson plans at school, but to make-up missed work, quizzes and tests is even more difficult.”

That is where Trackside Tutoring and Brittany steps in, as she will coordinate with teachers to keep assignments on task and even administer quizzes and tests during opportune times throughout the event week to keep the students caught up with school work.

Any school-age racer may benefit from spending some extra time studying while having a qualified professional helping them to stay on track and get the most out of the time they have out of the kart. Many students often complete their required reading and still are unable to complete their work as they may not have the guidance to understand the lesson plans provided. Brittany is able to explain abstract concepts in a way that is relatable to both racers and real life situations.

“In addition to services at the track, I have also used time on the phone with the student or video lesson plans over Skype while not at the track to assist students between races,” continued Brittany. “While young racers learn valuable lessons competing in karting, they can easily fall behind in important educational subjects.”

Trackside Tutoring is already planning to attend both weekends of Florida Winter Tour as well as Challenge of the Americas. For more information about available tutoring programs, Trackside Tutoring can be reached by email at, by phone or text at 805-304-6003 or LIKE us on Facebook at

About Brittany Doyle Lobaugh – Having seen first-hand the struggles of brother and Nationally-Ranked Karting Champion, Louie Pagano, in keeping current with his school studies, she decided to start Trackside Tutoring to help racers to get the educational help they need while at the track. Brittany has been teaching and tutoring since 2006. She has her BA in Liberal Studies as well as a Master’s in Education and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics.

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