SKUSA to Provide Limited Number of Free Engines to Build S5 Class

Focus on continued growth fuels exciting new program to expand Junior Stock Moto

After significant discussion regarding this new project, Superkarts! USA is thrilled to announce a partnership with Honda Performance Development and SwedeTech Racing Engines that will roll out a new incentive program designed to promote, support and build the S5 Junior Stock Moto class.  Effective immediately, SKUSA will make available a limited fleet of S5-spec Stock Honda powerplants to racers wishing to enter the category for the first time.  This program will debut with the California ProKart Challenge and will provide those who sign on with a shop-supported engine program at no charge.  Full participation in the California PKC is a requirement of the program, but running additional events at SKUSA-affiliated clubs is also encouraged.  Racers interested in jumping on board are asked to contact SKUSA immediately, via e-mail only, at  This program has limited space and is expected to be fully sold out in a short amount of time.

“I have been focused on this program with Troy McCall at HPD for a number of years, and I’m super stoked that we’ve finally been able put it together,” confirmed Tom Kutscher, Superkarts! USA president. “Troy and I have put a lot of work into this. We want to introduce some new kids to the world of shifting gears, and SwedeTech is on board with us, as well.  We’re giving a number of our young racers a chance to get behind the wheel of a shifter kart for a very low investment in their racing program. They only have to buy some of the bolt-on components to get out there.  It’s an awesome opportunity!”

HPD has stepped up in a big way and is excited to see new racers jump into SKUSA’s Stock Honda ladder system.  SwedeTech will manage the tech end of the program, building the engines and maintaining them throughout the year.  The beauty of the Stock Honda formula is that they can virtually run forever, and this program will see the engines sealed by SwedeTech so that the maintenance is scheduled and performed correctly.

The program will provide first-year S5 racers with a new and complete SwedeTech-built Honda CR125 powerplant, a package that includes the carburetor, airbox, motor mount, SK pipe and silencer at no charge.  The customer will be required to purchase a number of additional bolt-on items to complete their kart package, including accessories such as the radiator package and drive system. Racers will be required to pay for top-end rebuilds throughout the year, of course, although these will not be needed regularly and the frequency would depend on the number of events that are run. In return, customers will pledge to fully support the California ProKart Challenge by pre-paying the entry fee for all six races in advance. Customers are also allowed and encouraged to compete in any SKUSA-sanctioned club events, including the Los Angeles Karting Championship and the SoCal Sprinters Kart Club, which are now both SKUSA-affiliated clubs, running Superkarts! USA rules for their TaG and Shifter classes.

“We’ve put this program together to bring NEW racers into the S5 category,” Kutscher continued. “This isn’t going to be a second motor for a well-funded program. Our goal is to support our customers who really want to get into the S5 class and may need a little help.”

The S5 class has been growing steadily over the past few years and has developed some of the top drivers in the S1 and S2 classes, such as Pro Stock Moto pilots Alec Gumpfer, Daniel Langon and Jake French, and up-and-coming racers like 2013 Pro Tour S2 champion Christian Schureman and race winner Augie Lerch.

Once again, racers interested in this program are asked to contact SKUSA immediately, via e-mail only, at  For more info on anything related to Superkarts! USA, please visit the website – – or call the SKUSA head office at 951-491-0808.

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