Formula 100 Karting Series Gearing Up for 2014

After a very successful 2013 campaign, The Formula 100 Karting Series is excited for the upcoming 2014 season!

Continuing with the vision of F100, The Formula 100 Karting Series is primed to bring exciting, affordable, competitive and fun racing action to drivers of all ages, budgets and skill levels. Entering its 3rd year of existence, F100 is excited to see their vision being adopted by numerous Southern California based clubs.

By adopting an “F100 like” rule set, local clubs, series, tracks and shops, give 100cc racers further options, and further legitimatize The Formula 100 Karting Series and their vision.

While The Formula 100 Karting Series operates completely independently of any local club with its own separate 6 event series, working with local clubs, tracks and shops is a key component to F100.

With so many options available to 100cc racers in the Southern California area, F100 looks forward to another great year of 100cc racing, providing great people with a great racing experience!

Happy New Year from everyone at F100! Stay tuned for the forthcoming 2014 F100 series schedule and updated rule set and class structure, scheduled for release within the next few weeks.

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