Championship Enduro Series Ready for 2014


We need your help in 2014 to guarantee a successful race season.

Please renew your Memberships and also try to help us secure class sponsors.

Our track deposits will be due soon and working capital is necessary to make sure we have a budget for the deposits our printing and advertising for the up coming shows and mailings.

The 2014 membership application for Championship Enduro Series is now available on the Championship Enduro website.

Members from the 2013 season that would like to keep their permanent kart number from last year must have their payment and application returned to CES by no later than February 28th 2014.

After that date any permanent kart numbers not reclaimed by members from the 2013 season will be placed back into rotation for other new and current members to choose from.

When choosing member kart number on the membership application please list alternate choices and if your first choice is not available we will contact you prior to issuing alternate numbers.

Kart Number kits are available thru Kart Graphix at

Key Information:

The 2014 Series will be a two day race format consisting of 8 races at 4 tracks.
Main gates will open on Fridays @ 6:00PM along with pre-tech, registration and Camping available.
Each CES Event weekend will consist of two point’s races.
Each event Date is a separate Entry Fee and separate Points race.
All Race Points will be combined as each day is a separate race.

One series champion will be crowned per class.
The best 7 out of 8 races will count towards year end points.
You must compete in a Minimum of 5 Races & be a member of TAG Racing Int. / CES to qualify for series year end awards.

May 31-June 1: Blackhawk Farms Raceway
July 12-13: Grattan Raceway
August 9-10: Blackhawk Farms Raceway
September 13-14: Gingerman Raceway

For the 2014 season you must be a member of CES / TAG to participate in the Championship Enduro Series events. You can purchase an annual membership or you can purchase your membership on a per-event basis which ever you choose. If you choose to purchase your membership on a per event basis after 4 weekend events you membership will become paid for the 2014 season and you will qualify for year end awards.

5 thoughts on “Championship Enduro Series Ready for 2014

  1. How many practice sessions do they have before the races begin each day….is it 2 like the WKA format? Just curious as to how much to time to learn a new track.


    • Hi Mike, I haven’t been to a CES race since they started it, but I’m pretty sure they have practice for at least 2 hours, split up into two or three groups. I would contact Dave Larson to find out more.

  2. David,

    Thanks. I want to try and make one of their races this year.


  3. Mike,

    Practice is split into 4 groups. We get out 4 times on Saturday. Might get a 5th. Depends how long broken down karts that need to be picked up on track takes.


  4. We usually get 4 sessions per class\group, track time permitting like Jeff said.

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