Team News: PSL Karting’s JVD Power to Supply Engines for CRG at The Rotax Euro Challenge

Engine builder to expand presence in Europe and the Americas

JVD Power has reached an agreement to provide Rotax engines to CRG Factory drivers at the 2014 Euro Rotax Challenge  (Photo: PSL Karting)

JVD Power has reached an agreement to provide Rotax engines to CRG Factory drivers at the 2014 Euro Rotax Challenge
(Photo: PSL Karting)

Forming an official agreement with CRG, PSL Karting’s engine builder JVD Power will supply Rotax engines for CRG Factory Race Team drivers at the 2014 Rotax Euro Challenge. Continuing to work with his existing clientele, Jacco Van Dijk of JVD Power will use the opportunity to increase his presence and business in both Europe and the Americas.

“We are honored and proud to extend the relationship with PSL/JVD to the Factory CRG Race Team,” explains Andrew Campbell, Team Manager for PSL Karting. “It’s only a testament to his product and his high degree of professionalism.”

Dedicating his life to racing, Van Dijk has a storied history of working with many international pilots, garnering numerous national and championship titles along the way. Carefully building his knowledge and craftsmanship throughout the years, JVD’s dedication directly contributes to his clients’ many successes.

Offering Rotax Junior, Senior and DD2 engines at the four round Euro Challenge, in which the factory CRG team confirmed participation in back in October, the partnership will provide awareness and product confidence for PSL/CRG/JVD customers in North America.

“This also allows current PSL North American Team Drivers to have additional confidence when attending European races with CRG, as they can expect the same engine program they use in America/Canada,” continues Campbell. “In addition, JVD’s existing clients can still expect the same level of service in which they have confirmed 2014 engine contracts with.”

Team PSL Karting will be trackside in 2014 at the Florida Winter Tour, Rotax Challenge of the Americas, SKUSA Pro Tour, the United States Rotax Grand Nationals, Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, Coupe de Quebec and the Canadian National Championships. Team PSL Karting is associated with CRG, Maxter Kart Engines, Rotax, Tillett Racing Seats, Sniper, Unipro, Douglas Wheels, Vega, MG Tires, Arai, Bell, ULV, Mir, Freem, Elf Fuels, Alfano, MaxJet Software, D.I.D. Racing Chains, KC and Power Mist.

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