Industry News: Two New Tillotson Carburetors for Rotax Engines

Tillotson-RotaxTillotson – a benchmark in racing carburetors for decades – announces the launch of two new carburetor models for Rotax racing engines. Designated theHM-2A and HX-10A, the new carburetors are not only easy to use but also offer substantially increased performance versus the standard Rotax carburetor. The HM-2A and HX-10A carburetors are the same in overall design except that the HM-2A a fully CNC’d aluminum body while the HX-10A will have a die cast body. Both carburetors can be used on the full range of Rotax MAX engines, from Micro to DD2.

Tillotson has been working on the new carburetors for over three years and the result is sure to excite the Rotax racing world. Our first goal was to increase overall performance of the Rotax engine, but we also wanted to create a carburetor that is much easier to configure and adjust, compared to the existing carburetor,» noted Andrew Fallon, the Tillotson engineer and a former Irish champion in KF and Rotax, personally supervised the testing and product development. All that effort shows … Vroom! magazine in their independent tests of the HM-2A recorded lap times of more than 3/10ths of a second per lap faster and hailed the Tillotson carburetor as the first “proper racing carburetor” for Rotax engines.

A real novelty

Here’s what makes the Tillotson carburetor so unique: First, there is a patented fuel system to improve fuel flow to the carburetor. This allows the carburetor to have a smaller venturi and yet dramatically increase lap times. Second, Tillotson has added an easychoke starting system, which allows the engines to start and idle on the first try and that automatically disengages when the pilot steps on the accelerator. Third, the high and low ends of the carburetor are fully adjustable from the outside of the carburetor. There is no longer any need to remove the carburetor and guess at which jets to use. And the carburetor can be quickly adjusted anytime the track conditions change — even during racing. Finally, the Tillotson carburetor eliminates the need for the Mikuni fuel pump, giving racers and mechanics one less thing to worry about. The combination of all these improvements makes racing Rotax more fun for the driver on and off the track.

But Tillotson didn’t stop at just making performance better, it also thought about the way the carburetor looks. Both the HM-2A and the HX-10A have a highly polished body that makes the carburetor look great. And for the racer who really wants something special, the HM-2A can be custom anodized in a variety of color options. The HM-2A is already available (see for details), while the HX-10A will be released in spring 2014.

These two new products will add a new dimension to Rotax racing and are sure to attract pilots, distributors and national federations. This is the perfect carburetor for clubs and national series looking for a faster carburetor with great ease of use, commented Charles Demirjian, President of Tillotson.

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4 thoughts on “Industry News: Two New Tillotson Carburetors for Rotax Engines

  1. when will these be RMax legal in the US?

    • Andy, Rotax released a statement that we are working to publish that these are not Rotax Max Challenge legal. I assume they would be great to put on a older Rotax engine that is no longer RMC legal to go out and have fun with. Maybe in Unlimited or an Open class.

  2. Why spend 3 years in production if Rotax wasnt going to work with them? I understand why. But how does Tillotson think people are going to buy these carbs up if they wont be legal anywhere? Clubs, regional and National level all follow Rotax rules. I would love to try one Road racing, but I wont spend the money if I cant run it legally. Money better spent on tires or something else.

    • I think it has to do with developing technology. There are a number of products that are not legal in certain organizations, but legal in others. I am wondering if this would be a great way to run an Open or Unlimited kart with Rotax power. And now that it is developed and manufactured, maybe down the road it could become legal – although Rotax has clearly stated it is not RMC legal.

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